Bush walk

About 5 minutes from my home, there is a pleasant place to walk in the bush. (Except when the ticks are looking for fresh blood.)

This old truck has been rusting away for quite a number of years now. I wonder who decided to abandon the old work horse out here?

I like the texture of the peeling paint and rust

I like the texture of the peeling paint and rust

And, nearby, echoing the colours of the old truck, a native shrub in bloom, an evergreen flowering  grevillea, a member of the protea family.



My next post should be from a place far away, geographically and culturally.



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22 responses to “Bush walk

  1. Melissa

    Oh, duh, just realised I forgot to tick the notification boxes!


  2. Melissa

    Hi Yvonne, wow, tomorrow, that came around fast – probably not for you though!

    For whatever reason I haven’t been getting your blog updates via email so I only just saw that you are leaving tomorrow.

    Have a fabulous time, I’m so jealous! Stay safe and have heaps of fun.

    M x


  3. Caroline

    I too love the colours & textures on the old truck – they remind me of a painting we once considered buying! – but I wouldn’t have spotted them on my own. You are so observant!

    Buon viaggio & we are also looking forward very much to seeing you here!


  4. Ciao Yvonne, my father has a garage but I think he can’t do anything for your truck 😀
    Protea is our favourite flower because it reminds us our honeymoon in South-Africa…
    We look forward to see you in Venice!!!


  5. Buon Viaggio!
    With our time difference you are probably already on your way.


  6. Brian

    Buon viaggio, Yvonne!


  7. Grazie, SusieQ. Nor can I … 🙂


  8. Buon Viaggio Cara! I can’t wait until you are back in your “happy place”!


  9. Jo

    Looking forward to seeing posts from you know where!! …….. Very envious!


  10. Yvonnne…thanks for an interesting view of your area!! Counting the hours til your departure!!!


  11. The batteries are charged …


  12. Looking forward to your posts from our “far away” place!!!


  13. I’ve been watching the forecast closely, it should be cool, but no rain on Saturday. Here’s hoping!


  14. jan Graham

    Is your arrival imminent ? will be quite a shock to the system temperature wise,


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