Music on Mondays — The day the music died

I follow this excellent blog  from a nice bloke who lives in San Diego.

I especially like his post today, and I hope it strikes a chord with many people.

Thank you, Russel Ray, (and Zoey the Wonder cat).

Music on Mondays — The day the music died.



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13 responses to “Music on Mondays — The day the music died

  1. Now, you made me stop for a second there, Bert!


  2. Bert

    Strewth! He’ll be asking Emma Chizzit next!


  3. Bloke? Bloke??………….lol


  4. Ciao, Daniela. I’m glad you recognised the music, and found Russel’s blog interesting.

    Nove giorni!! 😉


  5. I’ve just listened to the music in the site: I can’t believe, I know these songs but I didn’t know whose they are. Holly, Valens and Richardson were so young but their song are still fresh. The web-site is superb, full of interesting information. Thanks a lot, Yvonne, for sharing this blog 🙂


  6. JoanneH

    I am old enough to remember when the news flashed on the TV and radio


  7. His blog makes me want to see San Diego! And, his cat is a winner.


  8. Loved it…oh so familiar. And San Diego is oh, so familiar to this former “California Girl”.


  9. He’s worth following, isn’t he? San Diego seems an interesting place, through his eyes! I adore Zoey.

    (This was my first re-blog, it went smoothly.)


  10. I follow him too. He’s got so much interesting stuff on his site.


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