Why do we love Venice?

One of the reasons might be that as you walk along a residential calle, you’ll see works of art such as these, just up there, on the walls.

Ateneo Veneto – Scuola di San Fantin (Thank you, Bert, and mystery helper)

San Giovanni Elemosinario (Thank you, Bert and your mystery helper)

Castello, Calle Sacca, 3182A (Thank you, Bert and the mystery helper)

La Fenice



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33 responses to “Why do we love Venice?

  1. Jon (Bilbao)

    We Love Venice because water prevented progress from rolling over the beauties of the past.


  2. Bert

    I don’t want to give away all my secrets, and while I may have been instrumental in finding the locations, I cannot take any real credit for it. Perhaps it’s a bit like Sherlock Holmes deferring to his much cleverer brother, Mycroft. As with Mycroft, the speciality of the person I asked is omniscience.
    Thank you, Linda, for the nomination, and Yvonne for seconding.


  3. Bert…job well done!!!!! I officially nominate Bert as Secretary extraordinaire!


  4. Bert

    Number 1 is on the façade of the Scuola di San Fantin (the seat of the Ateneo Veneto since 1811). Number 2 is above the portal of San Giovanni Elemosinario [in text, that would be LMSNRIO!], and number 3 is in Calle Sacca above 3182A, above a plaque that I cannot read.
    It’s sometimes not what you know, it’s knowing who to ask!


    • Caroline

      Thanks, Yvonne & Bert. Just goes to show, I’m still walking round with my eyes shut – I go to talks at the Ateneo quite regularly and have never noticed that relief! And even on here, I failed to spot the telltale hat & lion 😦 Hoping I might soon be privileged to be “delightfully humbled” by having you point some things out in person, Yvonne!


      • Well, Caroline, I had an apartment in the Piscina just down the side of San Fantin, and would have passed the Ateneo at least once a day, so don’t feel bad! I’d imagine you and Phil can show me quite a few things I’ve never noticed.


    • Hi, Bert, and thanks for coming up trumps again! Was it Jeff, Daniel or someone you’ve kept under wraps, who put you on the various paths? I can stop worrying about not knowing where a photo was taken with you on the job. Good work!


  5. Yvonne…isn’t wonderful playing detective in Venice? We’re so grateful that you take your job so seriously!
    as ever…a devoted groupie,


  6. Bert

    They are all new to me except for the Fenice. The chap holding the church is likely to be St Jerome, since he has his lion by his side, and his cardinal’s hat hanging from his neck (even though he was never a cardinal).


    • Hmm, that would be San Girolamo, then, Bert? I wonder if I took the photo near the church of that name, in Cannaregio? There’s nothing for it but to look around that area. My before/after photos were of no use whatsoever.


  7. Caroline

    These are all amazing, Yvonne, thank you – I don’t know any of them! (Although I assume the last one is a fenice?) Do you have a note of where any of them are? I particularly wonder what the building is, being held by the man in the first picture – I’ve normally only seen this scenario where it’s a patron & donor, demonstrating their credentials, but I see this one has a halo.


    • Yes, the last one was on La Fenice, Caroline. I’ll go back to my photos and see if I can narrow down where I might have taken the first one. The funny thing is, I didn’t notice that building until I looked at the photo.

      You and Phil have now had both sides of the coin, as visitors and now residents.


  8. Sono D. Chicago

    And why do people who love Venice love Yvonne’s blog? For me, it’s because it’s like getting a pair of fresh eyes. Or at least cataract surgery.

    It must be a delightfully humbling experience to walk down a familiar Venetian street with Y and have her point out all the things you’ve been missing.

    Wow, sappy instead of sarcastic. Must be getting ready to ask you a favor, eh?

    Anyway, someone’s got to stop and smell the pissote, and I’m glad it’s you.


  9. JoanneH

    Why do I love Venice because its Venice! the markets, the food, the vaporetto, the museums, the atmosphere and the phone is not ringing, I don’t have a 100 people asking me to solved thier problems and I am free to wander and soak it all up with no rhyme or reason to my wanderings


    • Pat

      Another reason I love Venice is because it is so quiet! No traffic noises (unless the vaporetto counts ;-))


    • Caroline

      All lovely aspects, Joanne; but remember that is also partly the difference between being on holiday and just enjoying it all, and having to work and do all the other day to day stuff – different situations. Even here, when working it’s sometimes difficult to remember to enjoy the rest of it.


    • I can’t think of another city I’ve been to, where just the act of aimless wandering can be so rewarding, Joanne. Mind you, I admit to a high degree of bias.


  10. Pat

    Yes, Michelle, my thought also. Open Air Museum. You go back in time just being there. Can’t wait to be there again!


  11. It’s funny, when I was in Germany all I did was walk around looking up, and if my son hadn’t been with me, I probably would’ve fallen into a river or a hole or something!


  12. It’s like wandering an open air museum!


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