Street shrines



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24 responses to “Street shrines

  1. Bert

    Thanks, Annie. I was sure we could rely on you! My bad! Of course I’ve been over that bridge – many a time. Perhaps the graffiti put me off. I will take more notice next time. What do you think is on the shield below the Madonna and Child? It looks a bit like a hovercraft or power-boat!


  2. Santa Croce 2042, on the Ponte del Cristo o del Tintor. Not far from campo Santa Maria Mater Domini. Cheers, Annie


  3. Bert

    M, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark?


  4. Sono D. Chicago

    Leave it to ol’ eagle-eye Yvonne to find 3 virtually identical street shrines in Venice!
    In fact, the only difference I can detect is the sizes. What an eerie coincidence!
    Well done!


  5. Bert

    For Melissa, in case she doesn’t go back over old posts – I nearly missed her question since I rarely go back to them: I use> Venice civic number (left-hand column). Enter a sestiere and a number, et voilà! I had to try several combinations in each sestiere before I hit the right one. Knowing the highest numbers in Dorsoduro,Santa Croce and San Polo, I was able to eliminate a few alternatives. For each possibility I then checked on veniceconnected.


  6. Bert

    M, it so is so! It’s totally so. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen that shrine before. The photo (or two) before and after might help.


  7. Are you saying you don’t have a clue, Bert! 🙂

    Sorry, I really don’t know where that shrine is located. I trolled all through Annie’s site with no luck. Maybe I’ll come across it, next visit.


  8. Bert

    Surely it will be easier to milk them if he gets off his bike!
    Also, I need a clue.


  9. Yes, indeed, many things of beauty in our favorite city. There were two of these street shrines on my way “home” to my apartment…at the ends of my bridges.


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