I had always considered myself a dog person, finding cats far too aloof and independent for my liking. Give me a dog any day, one that will walk with you, and enjoy the pats and scratching behind the ears you give them.

Such a dog was the old German gentleman, Booka, who belonged to my daughter-in-law.Β  Everyone in Atherton knew him and his faithful companion, the Border Collie, Ischie. We all felt his absence so keenly when he died quietly one November morning.

Our lovely senior citizen

Our lovely senior citizen

Cheeky little Ischie

Cheeky little Ischie

Who was to know that I could be so fickle? A little calico coloured cat wandered into the home and heart of my son, and she soon captivated many others, including little old dog loving me. This is Puschka, who is certainly the Princess of her domain.


She has opened my eyes to the delights and possibilities of owning a cat. I have taken care of her while my son and daughter-in-law were away, and loved the experience. I also had the chance to house sit, and what was more important, to cat sit for Lou and Peter, in Melbourne. Their cats, Fletcher and Weaver, sealed my fate. I was a born again cat lover!

The very handsome Fletcher, and the very pretty Weaver

The very handsome Fletcher, and the very pretty Weaver

Now, the dangerous part of my story. I had noticed a pretty tabby cat sunning herself in my backyard. She kept her distance, I decided she must belong to someone in the neighbourhood, and just used my sunny (or shady) patches when it suited her. Then the other day, I came home from buying some groceries, and left the door ajar behind me. Bad idea! Here’s what I saw when I turned back to close the door.

She’s so darn pretty, and so darn pregnant! It took all my will power to show her the door, and close it behind me.

I haven’t seen her for a couple of days, so I hope she has had her kittens, and is well launched into the joys ofΒ  motherhood.

Every time I go out my back door, IΒ rather hope she’ll turn up.

But, what would a cat do when I’m gone to Venice for long stays each year? Maybe one year, when I’m old and can’t travel, I’ll find the cat of my dreams.



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27 responses to “Temptation

  1. Omgoodness Yvonne, all of this post is beautiful. I feel like I know you and Minx a little better now too 😊 Thank you for sharing.

    I’m guessing you are missing your girl a wee bit… I’m missing our babies too, and Minxy has to put up with all the love and affection instead, lol, she’s coping ok. Did you receive the video I sent of her a few days ago? Nothing can replace you of course – it’s you she chose – but she knows you are coming back and seems happy enough with us in the meantime πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ’–πŸ’—

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    • If she isn’t happy with you two nice people, then she’ll never be satisfied! ❀ Yes, I do miss her, so I guess I'll be back to Australia after all!

      Booka was the nicest dog I've ever known, big and gentle and "boofy."

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  2. I’m going to tell Fletch and Weaver that they are famous. Read about all over the world. Right up there with the bestiary of Venice. Their lives will be forever changed if I tell them.

    They were lucky to have you Yvonne!


    • Oh, Louise, those cats of yours stole my heart, they’re lovely! They’ll take fame in their stride, I’m sure.

      I hope Victoria (and the rest of SE Australia) stays as safe as is possible during the next few days.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m enjoying your writing. We have two cats, down from our original 4 who showed up on our doorstep. They have all been outdoor cats as my husband is allergic to them. But they are loves, and they stick close to home. Mama and one of the original babies is still with us after about 11 years. She went through several pregnancies before we were able to catch her and have her fixed. We never have gophers or other pests thanks to the cats. πŸ™‚ I’ll be following your blog. πŸ™‚


    • I found you through Russel Ray’s blog … it’s an interesting community out there, eh?

      Little Ms Kat showed up again today, and scared the dickens out of me, by rubbing against my legs as I sat at the dining room table. Yes, she had found another open door. She’s still got the babies inside her!


      • Probably won’t for long, though. Yes, it’s a wonderful world. We had a great time getting to know them in person. We spent about 4 hours total getting acquainted, and it went like seconds. I’ve learned a lot about photo editing from Russel. I’ve got to teach him some things about putting in pictures that make me look 100 years old, though!!!! hahaha!!! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll look forward to getting better acquainted with you this year as well!!! ML


  4. Keep those cat lovin’ stories coming, folks!

    Caroline, the only problem with your brilliant suggestion re: Peter and Lou, is the tyranny of distance. About 3,000 km, give or take a few bumps in the road.


  5. Caroline

    Aw, what a lovely posting! I hope mother & babies will be OK. Mum looks very well cared for, doesn’t she?

    (Hm, couldn’t Peter and Lou look after your cat(s), if you time your hols for separate periods? πŸ™‚ )

    I don’t think I dare visit the Dingo sanctuary for now 😦 Or for that matter that hairdresser’s up towards the hospital where they have adverts in the window for cats needing homes!) Still hoping our next home in Venice will be suitable, though.

    But to be going on with I got a wee thrill the other day when, for the first time we’ve been there, one of the Acqua Alta cats was up for a stroke πŸ™‚


    • Caroline,
      You probably read the post in my blog about being attacked by the cat down the calle from where I stayed…really wanted to be petted. Watch for a sunny day and see if your neighbors cats are out and about. I kept seeing cats that would run the moment I started towards them. But the white one down the calle that one day sure wanted my love. The otheres didn’t know the good petting they were missing.
      Those of us who love them miss them when they aren’t around. I lived for over two years without one in southern California (in a no pet rental) so would wander the neighborhood looking for cats to pet. Did that in Venice too…even if it was only a month.


      • Caroline

        Michelle, unfortunately there seem to be no cats at all in our corte – the nearest are 2 in the calle round the corner but they are very shy, just occasionally peep out of their front door & scarper immediately if approached 😦 But I’ll keep looking!

        You’re right, I’ve really missed having a cat since my last one – a house/flat seems so much emptier when there’s no little furry creature waiting for you.


  6. Heh, it was only a matter of time… they have a way of wrapping most hearts around their tails at some point in time. I hope this very pretty little mama has safely had her kittens and they are all in good, kind hands ~ still surprises {and dismays me} that people don’t de-sex their animals. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, bella.


  7. Melissa

    Yvonne, you come up with the most fascinating information that has me sitting for hours researching all this interesting stuff!

    This is where I have been for the last hour or so:


    • It’s a really heart warming story, Melissa. I’m taking a copy of his book to Venice, to put into photos there, and in any of the places outside of Venice that I happen to visit. He has a page on Facebook, and I’ll post them there.


  8. I’ve read a lot of cat books but not that one. I’ll have to look for it.


  9. Melissa

    Oh Yvonne, she is so beautiful! That story made me wipe away tears! But, you are right, it would be quite difficult when you are away so much. Glad to hear you are one of us cat lovers now πŸ™‚ Perhaps, when you turn around next, she’ll be bringing her l’il ones to introduce to you!


  10. I am really enjoying all of your anecdotes about cats who have owned you! πŸ™‚

    Have any of your read A Street Cat Named Bob??


  11. Many years ago when I lived in North Carolina a cat showed up at my kitchen door. Actually, she had climbed up the screen so I could see her tummy and realized she had kittens somewhere. She would never let me follow her but came for food and basically to check me out. I guess she was seeing if she could trust me. I already had three cats of my own so she knew I had cat food.
    One evening I heard a funny soft cry…like a kitten…and sure enough, mom had come in through our cat window and was bringing her four kittens one by one to our house. A bit of a sad story because she was sick, feline leukemia…before there was a vaccine. I knew because I took her to the vet…yup, not my cat and I paid her bills. She was looking for someone to take care of her babies…which I did and found good homes for all of them.
    Yes, dyed in the wool cat lady here. A genuine gattare and someday I’ll be out there at the Dingo sanctuary at Malamoco with the others feeding spaghetti to my charges.
    Welcome to the club Yvonne.


  12. Like you, I was never a cat lover until Chili (our Mexican cat) came along. She’s very much a people cat. The only thing I don’t like is when she brings us gifts which are invariably dead mice. Nice that she captured the vermin, but we certainly don’t need it in our house.


  13. JoanneH

    Your story reminds me of Mr. Cat. I live on ranch in country so we get lots of drop offs he was one. He was a nice cat and I had him about 3 years but he got mad when I would go away. On my last trip down under I was gone 7 weeks and when I came home he was gone. I felt bad but there was nothing I could do. A few weeks later while riding my horse I saw the people down the road kids pushing a baby pram and stopped to talk with them and they showed me their new pet Kitty (aka Mr. Cat) who was in the pram.
    Now a few years later he is still there, spoiled rotten by these little girls and sends his children and mothers to my barn every spring. Thats a cat for you!

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  14. jan Graham

    It is well known I am a Dog person, , nothing so faithful, off topic a little have great passion for Horses, but have to admit I like one of
    my daughters Cats, Black with lovely green eyes, she is so aloof
    I do have a small soft spot for her

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