The Arsenale, Castello

I had hoped to be able to see more of the Arsenale this year, with  vessels competing in the America’s Cup World Series to be moored there, and the public allowed into certain areas.

Alas, there are rumours that the plans for the inclusion of Venice have  been scuttled (or perhaps scuppered). If that is so, I’ll just have to find another way to burrow my way into this tempting portion of the history, I guess.

Here is some of what I did see when I walked through the parts of the complex that were accessible to we mere mortals, during the Biennale of 2011.


A sky so blue, it can hurt your eyes

A sky so blue, it can hurt your eyes

And the walls came tumbling down

I'm not sure whether this was part of the Biennale. I think not, it was tucked away, put os sight.

I’m not sure whether this was part of the Biennale. I think not, it was tucked away, out of sight.

The long road to … what?



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15 responses to “The Arsenale, Castello

  1. Ciao, Daniela. Thank you so much for those nice words! They had such a nice day with you. 🙂


  2. Yesterday Susie, Mark and I talked about how beautiful are your pictures… 🙂


  3. Rob C

    Just when I thought there was a reason to visit in the summer 🙂


  4. MaryK

    Unfortunately it’s true that the Venice leg of the America’s Cup series has been cancelled. There’s a link here regarding the result of Luna Rossa’s protest against the cancellation (which they lost).

    Very sad as by all accounts it was a huge success last year, and not just because of the extra access to the Arsenale!


    • Aww. I’ll go to bed with puffy eyes! All the reports and photos from last year were so positive and enthusiastic.

      I wonder if someone’s pockets are bulging a tad more today (with money, I mean).


      • MaryK

        Okay – I dragged Jon away from the TV and he did some digging in his sailing forums. The City (Venice) are taking the Americas Cup organisers to court. Apparently the decision was made with no consultation at all, and the first the Mayor knew about it was from the media. No reason has been given for the cancellation.

        A decision on the court case is expected later this month – but the sailing pundits expect that even if Venice wins that the race won’t be re-scheduled, rather Venice would receive a financial settlement.

        I have to say than from what I hear about the America’s Cup organisers that money is what it’s all about (think along the lines of Formula 1)


      • Thank Jon for his sacrifice. (What in heck does he find to watch on TV these days?)

        Now, why aren’t we surprised, Mary? What a shame. Venice needs all the help she can get it seems.


      • Caroline

        In case it makes you feel any better Yvonne, we didn’t bother going last year – didn’t think it sounded much fun 🙂


  5. Sono D. Chicago

    So, where’s the ship they built and outfitted for you whilst you and your entourage were being feted…? Photos please!

    Or is your new vessel of such a sophisticated nature that photos would aid and abet the Genoese?


  6. Caroline

    Hopefully there’ll be more evening tours of some of the rest, like the one we went on, while you are here! I have seen others scheduled since – they seem maybe to schedule 3 or 4 in a week, once every few months.

    I’m not sure what the impact will be now of the government wanting to use more of it for military purposes &/or MOSE – from briefly scanning the paper, we seem to have gone from looking forward to the city regaining control of all of it and opening it up, to the city actually having the use of less of it than they do now. Another space to watch…


  7. I really find the Arsenale draws my interest, it was so central to the commerce (and warfare) of Venice.


  8. The last picture is so intriguing.


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