Recycling, Venetian style

If you are in the sestiere of Dorsoduro, chances are you may come across the Carmini Church. If you  stand in the Campo Carmini, facing the entry to the church, you will notice an entry to your right. If you are lucky, you may gain entry to what was the Carmini Cloisters, now the Istituto Statale d’Arte di Venezia. (State Institute of Art, Venice).

What a wonderful place to study art!

Here is what will greet you as you go through the doorway.


Then you walk into the cloister.


Carmini cloister



What an inspired way to use a cloister (and associated buildings) no longer needed for the original purpose.



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13 responses to “Recycling, Venetian style

  1. beautiful photos! happy new year!


  2. Caroline

    Hi Yvonne & thanks for the interesting images! Coincidentally, when I was on my regular weekend shopping round yesterday (between the fishmongers & the draught wine shop 🙂 ) I noticed they have an art exhibition on at the moment, so we’ll have to try and get along this week. (I didn’t feel I could go in with my trolley, bag of fish etc!) Hope there’s something on when you come too.

    We made it to the new ‘officina delle zattere’ contemporary art space at San Trovaso the other day and found that quite exciting!


    • You and your shopping trolley could have been taken for an art installation, perhaps, Caroline.

      Oh, and whilst at the art space at San Trovaso, we’d be so convenient to the cantine with the cork Christmas tree that Phil featured in his last post.

      Felice Anno Nuovo to the Jones family.


  3. Thank you for posting again.
    One more thing to my “to-do list.”
    Happy new year


  4. Grazie for a little dose of our beloved. I needed that this morning.


    • Ciao, Michelle. It’s amazing how even photos of Venice help, a little.

      And, a very good 2013 to you!


      • Yes, even photos help. On Christmas day one of the travel shows I watch sometimes…Rudy Maxa’s world…was in Venice. I watched it twice. And then re-read Joseph Brodsky’s Watermark.
        I’m currently reading his biography.
        Happy New Year to you too dear one.


  5. Bert

    The vera da pozzo is dated 1762 on the other side. Francesco Loredan (1752-1762) or Marco Foscarini (1762-1763) might have been Doge then.


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