Don’t accuse me of being biased!

Just for a change, here is a Madonna to be found in another part of Italy. Assisi, to be exact.

Italy 110

And, a scenic spot to take a breather when on the Isle of Capri. Those paths are VERY steep!




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16 responses to “Don’t accuse me of being biased!

  1. Melissa

    Hi Caroline, it’s all good! I thought I may have upset you, thanks for your reply. I’m very jealous that you live in such a beautiful part of the world! We are so far away from everywhere here in the Land Downdunder 🙂


  2. Blue Christmas is so hard for me that I haven’t even put it on yet. Maybe tonight.


  3. I know it goes without saying that I will take Venice in whatever weather, at any time of year over any other place in the world.
    Yes, I’m back in the Seattle area…wishing I was still in Venice.


    • The Vixen really sinks her teeth in very firmly, doesn’t she, Michellle?


      • She does indeed. But I’ve been smiling all afternoon just thinking about her. Need to work some more on my pictures. Actually feeling half human this afternoon. Picked up my mail, renewed my driver’s license (even like the picture), got my Clapton CD and one of Diana Krall…both bluesy…toe tapping…and some groceries so I should be set till time to go back to work. Then 11 months, I’m a free woman…or at least reasonably inexpensive.;-)


      • 😉

        I’m listening to ‘your’ Andrea singing Christmas songs, via the wonderful world of Spotify.


  4. What!? You left Venice for a second or two?


  5. Caroline

    I love both Assisi and Capri! I found the latter very quiet and peaceful once you got away from the main route from the port to the main square in Capri Town – even in the ‘back streets’ of Capri Town. Maybe we were there at different times of year? I think I’ve been in June and September, for a week each time. Mmm, wish I was there now, swimming in that beautiful sea! (Some people are never happy, eh? 🙂 )


    • Melissa

      Oh dear, sorry, Caroline, I certainly didn’t mean to offend! I’m sure at a less hot, humid, crowd-filled time of year we could quite possibly have enjoyed it, I haven’t ruled that out! (Although I don’t mind saying that it is ridiculously expensive!) I adore Italy and have explored a great deal of it. We are very spoilt here in Australia, we are a very big country with some of the best beaches in the world.


      • Caroline

        Don’t worry Melissa, I wasn’t in the least offended! Oh dear – maybe you thought that ‘some people are never happy’ referred to you?! I do hope not – I was referring to myself, now living in Venice & jokingly wishing I was in Capri!


      • OK, nice to see you young ones have got things sorted out, Caroline and Melissa. 🙂

        (It’s a touch cool in Venice just now, and a touch warm in Brisbane!)


  6. I was there twice, both times it was cool-ish, but too many of us tourists, for sure.


  7. Melissa

    We didn’t like Isle of Capri at all! It was soooo hot and the locals were less than friendly (read: sick of tourists and the heat!) BUT, wow, Assisi was incredible, so beautiful! We walked to San Damiano at 5am one morning, so peaceful and tranquil.


  8. Hi, Joanne! Absolutely, and you can avoid many shops as you walk! 🙂


  9. JoanneH

    Yes they are but worth every step of the way!


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