Private treasure

I went to visit a friend who lives in Cannaregio, near the Fondamente Nove. As I toiled up the stairs to their apartment, I came face to face with this image at one of the landings. They take it for granted, as they see it every day.

I wonder how old it is? Who painted it? Who commissioned it? I wonder how many other such treasures are to be found in ‘ordinary’ homes in Venice?




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15 responses to “Private treasure

  1. The painting is by Giovanni Bellini, 15th C, “Madonna della Milizia di Mare”. The original is in the Accademia. The most relaxed baby Jesus I know.
    Kindest regards!


  2. Brian

    Each year I get to chat with Signor Giangaspero who runs the hotel where we stay. He loves his city where he’s always lived (I’d guess he’s around 70) and he talks about how he finds new things all the time.


  3. Yes, Linda, you are right, sometimes foreign people can see things I don’t see only because I’m used to. So thanks to all the people who come and visit Venice and the surroundings that help us to appreciate the wonderful treasures we have 🙂


  4. Yvonne….I’ve often wondered how much magic Venice holds for Venetians. I’ve asked my Venetian friends that are second, third generation….so they were born into the beauty and history. They are proud of their history…..and wouldn’t want to leave anywhere else. BUT they are often amazed at my photos………….

    I just bought two pair of silk long-johns for my January trip………tra la la


  5. I second the cold, Caroline. Some of the boats I saw in Burano yesterday still had ice on their coverings at noon. And I had my hood up on the vaporetto today.


  6. Caroline

    How wonderful – we certainly haven’t got anything like that on our staircase (just crumbling plaster)!

    I have to admit, I’d started wondering if Venice to me had now just become the place where I live. When we are going about our daily lives it’s hard to remember to appreciate our surroundings, and it’s not the same as when we have a day off & make an effort to go out and do stuff as if we were on holiday. But especially when it’s sunny as it has been most of this week, I think I’m finding that working in Mestre is making me appreciate Venice more when I’m coming home!

    Although sunny it’s still just about as cold, though – deposits of last Friday night’s snow are still lying in shady corners & rooftops in Mestre, and the marshland at the Mestre end of the Ponte della Liberta’ has some ice on the pools.


  7. Some places, one does not grow accustomed to, Michelle.

    Auguri! 🙂

    PS I can’t recall how to turn off this flippin’ snow!


  8. Would it be like that if I actually lived in Venice surrounded by all this beauty? Would it become “every day” and humdrum? I hope not. Just walking to the Campo I see new things every day.
    And it is still snowing on Yvonne’s blog.
    Snow predicted here for the 19th now…and we know what day that is. Hard to take pictures from a speeding water taxi to the airport. I’m trying not to think about it.


  9. It’s beautiful and you’re so right. We tend to ignore our immediate surroundings just because we do see them everyday. I think we’re all guilty of that.


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