Autumn leaves

One thing you miss when you live in the tropics is the seasonal change of foliage. Our eucalypts are beautiful, but they and most of our other trees are not deciduous. We just don’t have the cold nights needed for the colourful displays that people in more temperate zones enjoy.

So, one of the visual treats I appreciated in my recent trip back to Canada was sights such as this. What a contrast between the fire of the leaves, and the green background.


Oh, and speaking of trees, I have put up my Christmas tree, the one I brought all the way home from Venice.




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18 responses to “Autumn leaves

  1. Andrew

    We have two (too big) eucalyptus trees in my neighbours garden backing on to mine. They looked very pretty in the snow last week.


  2. Brian

    I’ve never lived anywhere where there wasn’t autumn, winter (with at least a bit of snow- mostly lots of it) and four seasons. I’ve been incredibly lucky with my recent summer excursions in Italy and Turkey- day after day, week after week of bright blue skies! I’m certainly not used to that.


  3. I lived in Phoenix Az for 40 years….39 1/2 too many. No changing leaves and hot, hot, hot. I moved to the the NE United States and now I have glorious autumns. I LOVE IT!!

    Thanx for your autumn leaves shot…..and your Venetian Christmas tree!!


  4. Last year, the ceramic business Thun sponsored the tree and the nativity figures. I’ll send you an image via e-mail, it seems I didn’t do a blog post on that subject!


  5. Caroline

    Ooh yes, I know the place – thanks! Mind you, I was also quite taken with the chocolate trees in that shop at San Toma’ – I wonder how much they can be, if a simple bar of chocolate is E7/8?!

    Was the Piazzetta tree much fancier last year? When we were there yesterday the lights weren’t yet on but it looked quite plain.


  6. Caroline

    How lovely! You were there at the right time.

    I also think your Venetian tree is very nice – where did you buy it? We have a gold-coloured wire one (bought in Ireland) but since it’s about 2′ tall it didn’t come with us.


    • Hi, Caroline

      I bought that wee tree on Calle Lunga S. Barnaba, that place that has internet, and t-shirts and cloth bags with neat designs, such as the spritz recipes.

      I see the tree in the Piazzeta dei Leoni has been lit up. It’s sure different than last year, when the Thun ceramic business paid for everything!


  7. As someone who spent nearly all of the first 30 years of her life in southern California, the move to western North Caroline was life changing in many ways but I remember my first autumn there and being absolutely wonder struck at the changing colors.
    I saw lovely golden leaves here in Venice on S. Elena and had the desire to go skipping through them. And of course there was my other “Autumn Leaves” experience here in Venice that I blogged about.
    Thank you, Yvonne for the reminder of nature’s handiwork and how often we take things like that for granted.
    Cold here in Castello but at the moment no rain or snow.
    I also love your Venetian Christmas tree. I’ll have to find one that will fit in my suitcase.


  8. The Venice tree is so cute.


  9. Pat

    You are too funny Yvonne. I love your tree!

    I know how you feel though re the tropics. When I was in London walking through a park, I get that “smell” of the woods, which I haven’t smelled in years. It was wonderful…


    • Hi, Pat. And, no problems with falling needles, etc.

      Oh, yes, that smell of slowly decaying leaves, and the joy of kicking through a pile of fallen leaves. (Someone else can do the raking up, of course.)


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