Ancora spero (I still hope)

That is what is carved on this family crest.

Can someone tell us which Venetian family had this coat of arms?

Ancora Spero


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20 responses to “Ancora spero (I still hope)

  1. Bert

    There’s a similar coat-of-arms on the south-east corner of the Rialto Bridge, because the bridge was built during the dogery? dogeship? – while Pasquale Cicogna was doge.
    Yvonne’s stork can be found at Dorsoduro 22, Calle del Squero.


    • The Doggon-ship? (Living in the Dodge Palace) I’ll find that coat-of-arms near the Rialto, Bert. The Palazzo Cicogna, is not near #22, it seems:

      “Palazzo Ariani, noto anche come Palazzo Ariani Minotto Cicogna (in veneziano, Palazzo Arian) รจ un palazzo di Venezia, situato nel sestiere di Dorsoduro, quasi di fronte alla chiesa dell’Angelo Raffaele e poco distante da San Sebastiano.
      Il vicino Ponte del Soccorso lo collega a Ca’ Zenobio degli Armeni.”


  2. I will light a candle to the Venetian wind gods to send this rain your way.
    For me, being from Seattle it is really only a light drizzle but it sounds like you will take whatever you can get.


  3. Melissa

    Wish it would rain here, so damn hot and humid and muggy. Tomorrow is 40 degrees celcius/ 104 fahrenheit! Yippeeee, can hardly wait ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I have been using this as my background “music” whilst on the computer. Sounds cooling at least!

    I can only hope there will be rain soon – it’s so dry here they’re encouraging people to pee in the pool!!


    • Poor old Brissie, from floods to drought. That mood music is perfect, but we need the real thing.

      I could see (on my stats page) the searches you were doing to uncover the mystery of the stemma! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. And this has opened a very interesting email conversation for me.
    Grazie mille.


  5. Google does interesting translations.
    Just beginning to rain gently in my part of Castello.


  6. laura

    Stemma della famiglia veneziana CICOGNA


  7. OK, the bird is a stork (cicogna in Italian), which could be the family name: Cicogna.

    And, someone from Venice has just confirmed this. Grazie, Laura. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Melissa

      Well, b*gger me, I must have looked up every Venetian family that ever existed lol!!! I looked up stork, lion, knights helmet (which, apparently, when looking to the left indicates nobility). Thank you Laura for putting me out of my Venetian Coat of Arms/ Family Crest misery! ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. If he comes by I’ll ask my landlord. Or maybe I should email this to him??


    • Someone out there will know, Michelle. I hear it’s raining today (just for a change).


      • I’m emailing him just for the fun of it. I’m just up and haven’t looked out yet. Going to the window….nope, not raining at the moment. Acqua Alta predicted for 105 cm at noon so want to get to Rialto Mercato for my clementines before then…maybe get some boots…or maybe not.


  9. Melissa

    The Spero family?


  10. Melissa

    Could we please have a clue?


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