Family communications in the 21st century

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21 responses to “Family communications in the 21st century

  1. that’s exactly what it was like at Thanksgiving when my son, DIL, and her sister were here. The TV was on, and we were all scattered around the family room-my son was on his computer, DIL and her sister were texting or something on iphones, and I was answering emails. I looked up. looked around, and thought it was crazy, and went back to emailing. We actually were sending each other things to look at online while we were siting inches away from each other, wow.


  2. I’m lucky, my parents can’t use any sort of technological device 😀


    • JoanneH

      Daniela – you are lucky my 90+ mother has discover email and I must get 10 calls a day on why something went wrong in her sending it, and why can’t it just work like a typewriter! But I give her credit she is determinded to keep up if it kills her or more likely me.
      My most fun day was when I took her to the senior learn computers class a room with about 15 seniors without a clue going through. Step 1 you turn on the machine and wait till you see the pictures on the screen. I went home totally limp……………….


    • Daniela, you must introduce me to your parents, and I will teach them! You’re welcome. 🙂


  3. Sono D. Chicago

    Was this Thanksgiving dinner?


  4. Hi Yvonne,
    It’s probably as dysfunctional a situation as many of us in the US experienced at family Thanksgiving dinners last week! At least there was no sniping at each other at your table.


  5. Hi, Joanne. And, they weren’t texting each other … I think. 🙂 (Or, should that be “I don’t think”??)


  6. JoanneH

    Look at the bright side they are all at the same table


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