It’s been a long time

I can’t recall the last time I indulged in this child-like pursuit. But I can tell you, it’s still fun.

The snow and cold weather was courtesy of Edmonton, Canada, quite a far cry from Sunny Downtown Atherton. 



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28 responses to “It’s been a long time

  1. Che meraviglia! Yes, it’s truly fun!!!


  2. Sono D. Chicago

    Looks more like a crime scene than a snow angel.


  3. Wonderful! You know, you CAN do this at home down at the beach in the sand!


  4. Caroline

    Brr! But great fun with the luxury of just enjoying it for a short time! I have been in coat & sometimes gloves this week, but it’s been dry & often sunny too.


    • Caroline, you are absolutely right about enjoying it for a short time. Since I was in Edmonton where I left a big impression 😉 , it has snowed a lot more, and was -25 yesterday.


  5. How’s the weather in Venice, Michelle. Enjoy walking over the Votive bridge, and the crush inside the Salute.


    • The weather today is supposed to be sunny and mild. I may take the vaporetto and avoid the “crush” both on the bridge and inside but what am I saying…there will be a crush on the vaporetto too.
      Yesterday was a little overcast buy lovely with just my little black fleece jacket. On the way “home” I did put my gloves on because my hands were cold And I was chilled when I got back here at 2pm. But I remember when I came the first time the day after my arrival I was really chilled that afternoon. Maybe part of jet lag. I’m much better today and got a good night’s sleep.
      So nice of the guys in boats to not start outside my window till nearly 8am. I need to get dressed and out the door if I’m to avoid the worst of the “crush”.
      Ciao, Bella,


  6. My last one was 1992..I only remember because I remember who I was with and that we had gone out for a walk because the heating had gone out in my house. No, we didn’t do it to keep warm as you would know. Funny what we “grown-ups” will do given a nice, pretty snowfall.
    Greetings from our beloved.


  7. Barb

    Yvonne, only you could make that cold, white stuff look like fun! Brrrrrr!
    But, I have to admit, you do make quite a cute snow angel. 🙂


  8. Melissa

    Hi Yvonne, are you in Canada? You sure do get around. Are you there for Xmas?
    Love the photo!


  9. Hey, I recognize that red coat and your fun outlook! Glad you are having a wonderful time!


  10. Yes, with my sweet disposition, I’m such a natural, Joanne!! 🙂


  11. JoanneH

    You make a lovely snow angel


  12. I had a very cold, damp bottom!


  13. OMG snow angels are sooooo much fun.


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