Breaking news: Atherton has been bombed!

I don’t know when it happened, or who did it. The local newspaper has not mentioned it, nor has it been on local radio or TV. I am quite impressed with how calm the populace has been!

Well, it had to happen sometime, even in this small town. Guerrilla activity has made its way to this peaceful place.

Here are some of the first published photos of this shocking event.

Yes, Atherton has been “Yarn Bombed”

And, it happened right on our bustling main Street!

They’ve trapped a Tree Frog!

Hang on, Kermit

Now, this kind of graffiti I can live with.

If you want to read more about this fun form of “bombing”, here is a link to an article and some photos. Now, where did I put my knitting needles?


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22 responses to “Breaking news: Atherton has been bombed!

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  2. Dmitry

    this is a very original. and nicely! 5+


  3. I was quite surprised to see this one, Al. Not one person I have spoken to has even noticed it. Phooey.


  4. Al

    I don’t think that the poles will need to be wrapped up for too long with the warm weather we’re having! Haven’t been bombed down here yet (that i know of).


  5. Cinzia

    Troppo forte Yvonne


  6. Joanne, the part I really liked, aside from Kermit and the flowers, was a “vine” done with French knitting. I wonder if there was a child involved in the project? They had a World yarn Bombing day some time ago, and some people down in Brisbane (our State capitol) were involved.


  7. JoanneH

    Wow well I bet that woke everyone up!.. Loved the post but who would have the time to spend on something as cute as that.


  8. Caroline

    How sweet! A very cheerful sights, thanks.

    Looks ferociously sunny there! Quite foggy out on the lagoon this morning when I chummed a friend to the airport, but pleasant enough to doze on the altana after lunch (with jumper & woolly tights on!)


    • Buona giornata, Caroline. And, you had the first acqua alta of the season, I hear. What kind of stivali do you folks have? Baseti!


      • Caroline

        Yes, 110cm at 11.05 on Monday after we were woken by the alarm at c.7am. Phil bought (regular) wellies back in the spring but I only finally got mine (ditto) last Sunday, so not a day too soon -I went through water above my ankle height on the way to Santa Marta farmers’ market! (The deep water was between the Carmini & Sant’Angelo Raffaele.) I saw a couple of guys in waders but turned down to the knee – and one man taking his shoes & socks off to cross the ‘lakes’. Struchi!


  9. Cute. You had me going there for a second.


  10. Barb

    What a cheery sight for folks passing by. It will be interesting to see if other
    invasions pop up around town. Yvonne, I can see your “wheels” spinning with ideas right now. Where are those knitting needles??


  11. Hi, Linda. I really like knitting, but there’s not much need for woolen stuff up in the tropics! Now I have to find out what your pedestrian crossing signs are like!


  12. What fun!! Yvonne….I didn’t know your were a knitter!
    I love the Australian pedestrian crossing sign…..


  13. Michelle

    Hmmm, I also am surprised that Miss Yvonne’s needles were not involved here. Get knitting on that gecko!


  14. SusieQ, I am right ticked off that I hadn’t been instrumental in this little invasion! I’d love to know who the perpetrator was … a kindred spirit!


  15. Hmmmm, am I the only one who thinks you may not have had a hand in this? Pun intended.

    The tree frog is very cute, but where is the gecko?


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