Not quite politically correct

I guess there wasn’t room to add “and gentlemen” to this sign? (I’m not making any other comments.)



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30 responses to “Not quite politically correct

  1. Hi. Al. Yup, it sure grabbed my attention.


  2. Hmm, I think you’re on to something there, Siggie, in both the religious and political arenas. (We have a political party that would welcome this sign writer with open arms, also.)


  3. Steven

    Well, I believe Eve was supposedly the first person to not pick up after her dog–Adam, we are told, was positively even angelically scrupulous about it–and so, ever since, certain literalists have singled out “the daughters of Eve” whenever they find something unpleasant on their lawn.

    Actually, if you’d taken this in the States I’d simply assume it was on the front lawn of some guy running for public office. With attitudes like this and such a screwy theological sense he’d have a very good chance at the highest offices.


  4. MaryK

    So many questions, so little time…… Has Jesus noticed that ladies are worse about picking up after their dog than men, children – whoever? Is the slight discolouration on the word ‘Jesus’ because it originally said something else? What?

    But really – this one is one for the keeping.


  5. Well I say it’s about time that the ladies, instead of the men, took the dogs for a walk!……….lol


  6. Hi, Rob. It surely made me do a double take!

    (148 …)


  7. Rob C

    Charming! Why not say Please, but agreed, grumpy old man definitely!!


  8. Absolutely, Daniela! A domani. (Non dimenticherò questa volta!) 🙂


  9. Alida Gafuik

    Jesus is watching you…..



  10. Brian

    Nothing else to do besides watching intently to see if ladies are cleaning up after their dog? Maybe he’s supposing that Jesus would do the same things as himself. Or Santa Claus. Whatever.


  11. Caroline

    We could do with a load of those signs (directed at gentlemen too – or mainly?) in Venice! We had a wry smile the other day on Giudecca when we saw an angler reeling in what turned out to be a bag of you-know-what.


  12. Melissa

    Does Jesus have four legs and goes “Neigh”? Coz I think I see him surrounded in a halo in the top left hand corner.


  13. Melissa

    Hahahaha, really??? I need to know more. A ladies church group perhaps?? How very bizarre!


  14. Hi, Shell! Same here, I alternate between chuckling and shaking my head.


  15. Looks like Jesus isn’t the only one watching! I don’t know whether to laugh or throw something. How bizarre!


  16. In a little park here in Sunny, Downtown Atherton, Melissa.


  17. Melissa

    Hi Yvonne, where on Earth did you see that sign?


  18. It opens the door for some interesting theological considerations, Darlene.


  19. Hm, Is Jesus only keeping an eye on women? Is Jesus a woman? Opens up a whole lot of questions.


  20. Barb

    No matter how many times I read it, it’s funny. And it was obviously written by a man!


  21. You can imagine my reaction when I saw that sign!


  22. Michelle

    Hmmm. No more than that from me either.


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