I just can’t help myself, it seems

Now it’s Atherton that is throwing the mystery curves at me! On my way into town this morning, I chanced to notice this:

That was fine, I got my photo, but then, darned if I didn’t start to notice a whole gaggle of bikes chained along the street where I live.

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So, what is going on? Who can I ask? Is Atherton beginning to morph into a Venice of the Southern Hemisphere?



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25 responses to “I just can’t help myself, it seems

  1. Followed the trail to your blog from Renovating Italy. Love your bikes. I have a photo of a bike with a home made Santa on it up near Ravenshoe from a few years back. Seems like old bikes are an art form up your way!
    I live in Townsville by the way!


  2. Steven

    As Bert has instructed me in regards to Venice, so I will say to you, Yvonne: Never leave your house without a camera in Atherton! Perhaps it seems slightly more imperative in Venice, but you did have to go back home to get it…


  3. WhooHoo….a post from Yvonne!!
    Funny thing…I’ve been seeing more bikes chained on posts around my town….Mountain Lakes, NJ. I’m sure they aren’t being ridden from Atherton…lol.


  4. Hi, Darlene. If you check Melissa’s answer, you’ll see there’s a big mountain bike event coming up here in Atherton. I’ll have to see if I can capture some of the action (without too much effort on my part.)


  5. Yeh! you’re back. I think those are decorated for a wedding.


  6. JoanneH

    It just your keen eye at work……………Never stop that………………


  7. Yay! A blog post from Yvonne! I was so happy to see this pop up in my email!


  8. Michelle

    Me, too! I was so happy to see you pop into my email. It doesn’t have to be Venice….you find intriguing things wherever you are!
    97 days!


  9. Barb

    My first thought was that the first bicycle was dressed up and going to a wedding! What fun it was to then see the others.

    And Yvonne, I was so pleased to see “Hello World” pop up in my e-mail again. It was like a lovely surprise visit from a friend!


  10. Jo

    Nice to have you back Yvonne – your postings are always a pleasure! Don’t desert us – I have learnt so much more about Venice from your blog which makes each visit even more delightful!


  11. Melissa

    You l’il tricker, you’re back! Yay!

    Apparently it’s for a bike club thingy on the weekend called “Elevate”. You had me intrigued, so I called Super Cheap Atherton (could see their store in one of the photos) and they told me!


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