Oh Venice, lady of mystery

Here’s another of those sightings that had me scratching my head (figuratively speaking), and wondering.

Why does this wall have a street number assigned? Is the number now defunct? Is there a door around the corner that has this number? Why didn’t I ask someone while I had the chance?  When will I ever learn?

Cannaregio, 4636



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12 responses to “Oh Venice, lady of mystery

  1. Wonder what the postman would do with mail sent to that number?!?


  2. Yvonne, these are the old doors of the now destroyed palazzo Morosini del Giardin. Behind them there is a very nice garden. It’s possible to visit it if you ask the nuns who live there. It’s a very nice part of Venice.
    I wrote a few posts on the subject: http://mescarnetsvenitiens.blogspot.ca/2011/01/jardin-de-la-ca-morosini-del-giardin.html.
    Have a nice day!


    • Hello, AnnaLivia, and thank you for identifying the location of this very interesting feature. The nuns may find they have a small increase in the number of people tapping on the door, to see the garden.

      PS I’ve just had a look at your blog post. My gosh, what a garden is hiding there!


  3. Caroline

    We have kind of the opposite mystery – we (the door leading to the 1st & 2nd floor flats) are 3502, the separate door to the ground floor flat in the same house is 3501A but there is no 3501 and I can’t imagine where there could have been another door. Maybe there used to be a whole different set of buildings? Must remember to ask our landlady if she knows when our house was built. Unless you or any of your other readers know a way to find out?


    • I have a sneaky kind of admiration for the crazy numbering system(s), Caroline. I hope your landlady has an answer, or maybe just a theory re: your idiosyncratic numbers.


  4. You’ve probably solved this particular mystery, Bert. I’ve got this part of Venice written into my notebook, for another look around that corner.


  5. Bert

    You know what the Venetians are like with their house numbering system, Yvonne. If they had deleted 4636 just because the doors were no longer usable, it would have thrown the whole system out.:-)
    Maybe they didn’t want to renumber every house from 4637 up.


  6. It is/they are, Andrew. The one on the right still has a street number on it, if you zoom the picture a tad.


  7. Andrew

    Looks like two blocked in doors to me, Yvonne.


  8. I found that was often the case, Darlene. Sigh.


  9. Perhaps, if you had asked, the person might not have known the answer.


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