It’s so nice of the humans …

… to put up these pretty places for us to perch. I wonder if they were made in the Foundry Valese? And look, eco-aware globes.


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22 responses to “It’s so nice of the humans …

  1. Yvonne I’m enjoying your blog! We just returned from a trip to Europe, one week in Venice. We did a lot of wandering and I see a lot of the things that caught my eye are the same things you’ve pictured in your blog. I was particularly thrilled to see your “collection” of pissota, since those were pointed out to me when we were they and I began to notice them everywhere.

    Now I want to go back and see everything I missed.


    • I just went to look at and read your posts on Venice, and enjoyed them very much! Yes, those pissotte are everywhere, once you’re aware of them. I hope you get back to Venice one day.


  2. We humans can be nice as long as it’s not political season………lol


  3. Caroline

    And maybe not just tourists! Earlier this week a handwritten sign appeared on the house next door to ours saying ‘To the Signora who is feeding seagulls & pigeons – remember that this is strictly forbidden (vietatissimo)’. Since it was specifically addressed to a signora, I assume someone had been seen throwing food on a balcony – which probably explains the odd bit of bread which has mysteriously appeared on ours!


  4. alexa

    I have always loved these beautiful street lamps that cast a flattering pink glowโ€”almost as much as I have always detested the gluttonous pigeons. So glad it’s now’ proibito’ to feed them!


  5. Michelle

    I look so lovely in the glow of those pink street lamps….we all do and we should bathe in it as often as possible!


  6. Re: pigeons. I have an Italian friend….a photographer….he wanted to take a photo of my sister and me in the Piazza. Silvano started to pose us and then went to buy some corn/grain (it was still for sale). OMG NO NO….please NO BIRDS!!!
    He thought that would have made a perfect photo…….ugh!

    Yvonne…thanx for the photo of one of my favorite Venetian touches!


  7. MaryK

    I’m with Caroline on hating pigeons…… I’m bird phobic generally, so the days when the Piazza in Venice was carpeted with hoards of pigeons were particularly awful for me. There were several trips when the only time I actually walked across the Piazza were at night.

    I was so thrilled when they banned the corn sellers (and then did whatever they did to reduce the number of ‘flying rats’) – so I really hope that they stomp on the illegal vendors quickly.


    • I agree with you 100%, Mary. They’re so darn brazen, and make such a foul mess around the Piazza and on the buildings. You and the other members of the Bad Crowd might do an inaugural protest march this winter, perhaps? ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Caroline

    Lovely photo! But bah! pigeons, I hate them. After a 6 year battle to keep live ones off our balconies in Edinburgh, we now have the conundrum of how to get dead ones off our roof. And La Nuova reported the other day that the latest wizard wheeze of the illegal vendors is selling grain in the Piazza, after the long battle to get rid of the legal grain vendors – sigh…


    • Oh, no, they’re not selling grain again, Caroline! There were enough fat pigeons even after it was banned. Will you join me in a protest march when I’m next in Venice?


      • Michelle

        Poor starving pigeons (not!). I had to shoo them away from the cat treats when I was trying to feed the cats at San Lorenzo on my visit in 2008. Please…no grain for the ones in San Marco!!!! I was so happy they were not there and I don’t have a bird phobia. A bird poo phobia yes.


      • Caroline



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