If you have the time

Take the vaporetto to Lido, and just wander around and look at stuff!

Walk on the beach by the Adriatic, or, if the weather is right, wade or swim in it!

Check out some different architectural styles

Peek into private gardens and see what they have!

And, enjoy the view of Venice, on the way back home



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21 responses to “If you have the time

  1. Caroline

    I assume you could take the bikes as far as you like, Yvonne.


  2. Caroline

    We’ve been enjoying swimming there the last few weeks, although the beaches are not beautiful. Not this week, though – did you hear about the bora-induced sandstorm on the littorale yesterday?! And yes, the buses are crowded and sometimes hot. Some people we know have hired bikes there and even taken them as far as Pellestrina, which might be fun one of these days.


    • Once you’ve rented the bikes and have pedalled down to Pellestrina, can you then get on the ferry and continue on to Chioggia?

      That must have been most unpleasant, with the sandstorm.


  3. If you take the time to visit the Lido for a day, do also take the time to walk or bus south to Malamocco, about 4 km distance from the main vaparetto stop on the Lido. It is truly a delightful little fishing village and has a wonderful pub / bar / restaurant with a couple of tables out front and a covered dining courtyard in back. The pub is more reminiscent of a UK pub than an Italian bar, mixes what I think is the best sprtiz around and has really good chichetti (sp) besides. There is also a nice malacon (don’t know the Italian word) to stroll along the waterfront. Malamocco was the highlight of our day on the LIdo in early June.


    • Gayle, thank you for your suggestion. I hope some people will take the time to do just that! I’ve put it on my list, for sure.


      • Michelle

        And if you are as far as Malamocco and are a cat lover….get the directions from Kathleen to the DINGO (okay, yes it is an Australian wild dog..interesting story as to why it’s named that) cat sanctuary. They are the same people that have the sanctuary with the little houses at San Lorenzo and little cat houses all over the islands to help the feral cats. Those cats seemed to enjoy our visit in March 2010. Too bad we didn’t know about that pub, eh, Yvonne? (she says as she channels her inner Canadian).


  4. It’s so interesting what you say: maybe because of the traffic in the “terraferma”, I’ve never noticed cars and buses in Lido!!!

    For me Lido is the melancholy of Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice” and the euphoria of the International Film Festival: I prefer the second one and I don’t miss it for nothing on earth.


  5. MaryK

    I do love a lot of the architecture on the Lido – but those cars and the BIG buses- they come as such a confronting shock with their noise and fumes. (Not as bad though as the hideous dice with harm that’s a trip to Piazzale Roma).


  6. Andrew

    And they drive on the wrong side of the road, don’t they Yvonne. You tend to look the wrong way when crossing the road. Nearly got flattened on Lido.


  7. Michelle

    Yes, it is strange to be in “Venice” with cars and busses. But the architecture is lovely. Yvonne, remember the man we visited with outside the Billa with the lovely big dog?
    I may have a wander on a nice sunny day.


  8. Sono D. Chicago

    Streets! With Cars! And crosswalks and Yield signs and everything.

    No siree, I don’t think I’d like this Lido place….


  9. The second picture makes me think of the flat iron building in Edmonton.


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