Signs of decay, Castello

It would seem that this down pipe has seen better days. I wonder how well it does its job when it rains?

But look, it does have another function.



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16 responses to “Signs of decay, Castello

  1. Glad to see you made it back safely from your road trip Yvonne! Will we be hearing anything more of your adventures with M?


  2. Melissa

    Hahaha no!


  3. Melissa

    Phew, I hope so too!! In the next 24 hours you’ll have a crate load of Coke at your doorstep and an all expenses trip to Venice, BURP!!!


  4. Melissa

    Hahaha, oops! Sorry Coca-Cola, I love your work but not as much as Yvonne she is truly worthy of sponsorship you should see her down the stuff it’s incredible! 🙂


  5. Barb

    You’ve done it again. While most of us would have just walked by and never given this pipe a second glance, you’ve taken photos that make me wonder just how old it is. And I think you should send this part of your blog to Coca Cola. It’s pretty good advertising for them!


    • Thanks, Barb. Hmm, maybe Coca Cola can become my sponsors for the next visit to Venice? Oh, but then I might have to drink the stuff.


      • Melissa

        I know what caused the pipe to end up in such a state! It was a beautiful shiny downpipe about a month before that photo was taken, Coke was poured down in it and just look at the outcome!!!! And, they left the evidence behind!!!!


      • I hope my new sponsors haven’t read your scurrilous comment, Melissa! 🙂


  6. Always hate seeing the garbage.


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