Mini-road trip, continued

After M had consulted with her client at Battle Creek, we drove a bit further south to locate another person on her books. We drove through the small town of Mt Garnet, where this sign caught our eyes.

Her tasks now accomplished, M said we would stop at Innot Hot Springs so she could soak her achy-breaky body in said hot water. (Natural underground water issues at a temperature of 78C … phew!) There is an attractive caravan park set amongst the trees, and at this time of year, space is at a premium, as tourists from down south seek warmer weather. (Remember: south Down Under is closer to the Antarctic.)

“Normal” swimming pool for those of us who think the hot springs are a touch over the top!

Doesn’t M look relaxed!

On our way home, we stopped to admire the power generators at Windy Hill Farm,ย  Queensland’s largest wind farm with 20 windmills producing enough power for 3,500 homes. Windy Hill Wind Farm is located about three kilometres from Ravenshoe, which is situated 920 metres above sea level (highest town in Queensland) on privately owned Atherton Tableland dairy farmland. It is capable of a generating capacity of 12 megawatts, and the number of wind turbines is 20.

You can get a hint as to the direction of the prevailing winds from this photo.

I reckon the windmills look a bit like something out of War of the Worlds.

PS Who is looking at my blog from Moldova??



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13 responses to “Mini-road trip, continued

  1. Michelle

    My friend Mary took a tour here (eastern Washington I think) up inside of one of those wind turbines. She said it was fascinating.
    I have also seen the ones near Palm Springs, CA as I lived in Joshua Tree…about an hour north…just at the time they were being put in. Glad they finally put the wind in that area to good use. I also have mixed feelings about them but as long as we have this thirst for energy something has to be done and I prefer them to nuclear power.


  2. Caroline

    It certainly looks like it gets windy! I like the sight of wind turbines too – I think they can look rather beautiful in a wild setting – but I was very much in the minority in Scotland.


  3. Sono D. Chicago

    The more I see of Queensland, the more I understand why you spend so much time in Venice.

    Also: is M single? She’s got her Charlotte Rampling look going on there. Plus, she smokes!


  4. “Garnet Families Strong and Deadly”????? What the h*** does that mean? Are they all packing “heat”? Do they carry a plague that they manage to survive but can pass onto unsuspecting travelers from the Tablelands? Be careful Yvonne.

    M does look relaxed, but as having never met her, I have no basis for comparison. Perhaps she is killing off the Garnet Families germs?

    I am vicariously enjoying this road trip of yours. What is the next adventure of Y and M going to be? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Those wind mills kill a lot of migrating birds ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but there is no perfect energy solution I suppose.


    • M and I spent a bit of time pondering the Garnet Family situation, with the doors locked and the car engine running. We may be taking a little trip to Tasmania together, and then, if we’re still speaking to one another, she may join me in Venice for awhile next year. (Lock up your gondolieri!)


  5. We saw the windmills in California – rows and rows of them. They were pretty impressive,but it wasn’t until we saw one of the blades on a flat bed truck that we had an idea of how big they are. Even on the double semi the blade overhung the flatbed by several feet.


    • I like the looks of them, and the thwump-thwump sound of those whopper blades.


    • Rob C


      Did you mean the infamous valley outside Palm Springs? It’s wall to wall Wind Turbines, literally hundreds of them, but they still only provide a 3rd of the electricity for Palm Springs, which gets so hot our hotel has to refrigerate the swimming pool ๐Ÿ™‚


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