Mini-outback road trip

A friend had to go visit a client in a little place called Battle Creek, about an hour and a bit south of Atherton. She invited me along for the ride, and I leapt at the opportunity. (It was M, the best darn (unofficial) tour guide in this area.)ย  Some of you may remember her from the forgettable trip I shared with her, to Cooktown. If you really have nothing to do, and have a masochistic streak, do read the account here:

Battle Creek is a tiny community, it was once part of the tin mining network in that area of the Tablelands. It is now home to a “salt lick” facility and an auto-wrecking place. Don’t worry, I had to check to make sure that the salt licks were what I was thinking of, those blocks of salt left out for cattle and other critters to lick, to ensure their electrolyte balance! (Your physiology lesson has been chucked in for free today.)

The houses once used by the miners and their families were all bought (probably for the proverbial song) by someone who now rents them for a tidy sum, to some of the marginalized members of our community

Herewith, some photos from our stop in Battle Creek.

Down one of the roads in Battle Creek, I found about six horses in the bushes. They looked very healthy and surely weren’t shy of strangers. At first I thought someone had styled their forelocks into dreadlocks, but it turned out they had somehow managed to get some clinging weed seeds tangled into their manes. That’s M in the top right photo, by the way.

At some stage there was a master wood-turner in the town

In its prime, this small home boasted an interesting example of wooden trim

Here is part of the wrecking yard, then some barbed wire you wouldn’t like to tangle with. The bottom left photo is of one of the ubiquitous termite mounds; they’re about a meter and one-halfย  high. The last one is a forlorn truck, awaiting loving restoration, and a really tiny scooter.

There were a number of cats drifting around, this one was the only one at all interested in becoming a blog-star.




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22 responses to “Mini-outback road trip

  1. JoanneH

    My Florecne adventure was with a pleasant man in a camera shop, where I had gone to get new battery for clients camera, offered to take me home with him, invite my clients and tell his daugther to go stay a few days with her son. I thanked him and told him it was sad but I was leaving later that day and avoided that street. No need to hurt feelings. Right now am being driven nuts by various bus and metro slowdowns in Rome creating havoc with the schedule. I have however had a new experience I have been in almost every store in Florence and am working my way with clients through Rome.
    Thankfully they are on a afternoon tour today
    I am not a shopper till you drop person….though I have to admit they have picked up some lovely things…..


    • I wonder if he would have had room for your horses! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh boy, I can relate to your relief to be free of shop-crawling for awhile. How much longer do you have there?


      • JoanneH

        We are in Rome now we have done at least or it seems like 500 shoe stores, again with the jewelery, none of the clothes fit them to well, also lots of religious goods for friends and family. Today was day off as I sent them off to Pompeii so I could do some book shopping did not find much a few things of course they weight a ton, it never fails.
        am here till Monday evening. Then back again with the college group in spetember weather is hot and humid not to my liking at all. I forgot to offer my Happy Birthday greetings with the others HB!


      • If you’ve seen 500 shoe shops, they’ve missed a few! Crumbs, it’s my idea of Hades, to go to Italy and concentrate on shopping. At least they’ve gone to Pompeii, and surely they won’t do shopping there!!

        The September trip might be a bit kinder to you, Joanne.


        • Joanne H

          Ah but they did shop there as well as at the auto grill…… a extra suite case I had to run out and pick up for them today of stuff from postiano..however they loved the Caffe Postiano and its terrace……………….I feel like that drain pipe


        • Oh my gosh, this is quite an experience you’re having! I hope you get some good tips! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Michelle

    Happy Birthday, Yvonne!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Okay, that cat was 50 shades of gray long before the book came out. What an interesting day you had! Great pictures too.


    • Any day spent with M is an interesting one! The countryside is so beautiful out there, cameras do not do it justice. Going in summer would be a whole different story, though, and one you won’t hear from me.


  4. JoanneH

    it is one hell of a job to get those briars out I know having 15 of the darlings myself. Those Termite mounds are interesting we saw several on one of our drive abouts it was amazing how high some really got. BTW in Venice last week trying to locate some of your wonderful photos found several. As to the book shop it looks like I am out of the game both times I managed to get there he was closed…..Did get an offer in Florence however smile smile smile……………….


    • Those termites are clever critters! I’ll post a link to my reply to Susie about their form of air-conditioning. The horses were lovely, quite petite. In a town a few kms down the track (Mt Garnet), they often have wild horses (brumbies) running through the main street.

      And, did you cope alright with the heat in Venice? I’m glad you found some of the places from my photos.

      OK, tell us more about your Florence adventure ….


      • JoanneH

        It was gastly the first two days, my ladies were wet rags and I not much behind. The crowds were horrible…and I can not in my mind see how anyone could be so dumb as to not have reservations for things. Met a lady at breakfast who stood in line in that heat 3 plus hours for church entry…………


      • I think Venice might be a place to avoid when it’s hot! 3 hours in the sun! My idea of hell on earth.

        But, it’s getting so that there seem to be crowds most times of the year. Sigh.


  5. Michelle

    Blog star, schmog star…that last pic has a look on that feline face that says “are you still here”. Ah, well, at least he/she wasn’t ignoring you.
    Lovely termite mound though! You find interesting things to photograph wherever you are.


  6. There is a lot I want to comment upon, but I am stopped dead in my tracks by a TERMITE MOUND??? And you say they are ubiquitous?

    I now must have a good lie-down as you would say, and hope I have no dreams of that wretched termite mound. I am fanning myself, delicate blossom that I am. ๐Ÿ™‚


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