A movie recommendation, and more

Good morning, fellow Venice Obsessives, and anyone else who has wandered into my blog by mistake!

We all have our favourite movies set in Venice: Bread and Tulips is one that is often mentioned, and then there’s Dangerous Beauty,  Don’t Look Now, The Comfort of Strangers, Summertime and the list goes on.  (I refuse to mention The Tourist, but it seems I have done so!) You are sure to have your own movie titles to add to this list.

A movie I have watched several times, and will watch again, is Italian for Beginners, a 2000 release from the Danish director Lone Scherfig.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0243862/  (Do watch the trailer.)

The latter part of the film takes place in Venice, and I particularly like the ending, where one of the couples who have found one another through their evening classes have a rather interesting  consummation in Calle Groppi, Cannaregio.

Now, I can show you the photos I have been hoarding, wondering how to work them into a post. At the corner of Calle Groppi and the Fondamenta de la Misericordia, there is an intriguing shop, selling what seems to be a hodge-podge of plumbing and lighting supplies. And, knockers, too! Some of the goods on display are of historic interest, and not for sale.

The final scenes of the movie take place in the Paradiso Perduto,  Fondamenta de la Misericordia, 2540, where you will find good (but a tad expensive) ciccheti, and if you get there on the right nights, live music. http://www.umamimart.com/2010/06/the-big-feed-paradiso-perduto-venezia/

While you’re in the neighbourhood, I can also recommend the Ristorante Diana, at Fondamenta de la Misericordia, 2519, as another good place to have  some down-to-earth food (it is frequented by locals, especially at lunch). Please tell them Yvonne sends her regards.



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21 responses to “A movie recommendation, and more

  1. Thanks for the reminder about “Italian for Beginners”! I must pull it out of my Venice DVD collection and watch it.

    Another Venice movie with great shots is “Wings of the Dove” with Helena Bonham Carter. The female leads occasionally wear those gorgeous, pleated-silk Fortuny gowns!

    Yvonne, on our last trip, we walked by that wonderful shop and were quite taken with it. I love your photos of it.


  2. I’ve been looking for “Italian for beginners” dvd for a long time, as I missed it, but it’s impossible to find it in Italy. If you like it, I’m sure it’s a very good movie (and the trailer is so exciting) so I’m very sad :((
    I know very well Paradiso Perduto as all the Venice University students, but not Ristorante Diana: I should try it asap!


  3. Caroline

    Deary me, it seems I have seen no films set in Venice at all, with the exception of ‘Don’t Look Now’ when it first came out (so you can imagine how much of it I remember)! Still, I suppose I don’t need to now, eh 🙂


    • No, Caroline, you’re smack dab in the middle of your own movie set, and you’re the star!! But, I’ll be looking for ‘Effie’ when it is released. Erla (I am not making this up) and her husband were extras, and I kept seeing scenes being set up/shot while in Venice.


  4. Bert

    You didn’t mention Death in Venice. Watch out for the scene where von A is on a vaporetto that turns down the Rio di San Polo (!) and you can see TV aerials on the palazzi on the far side of the Grand Canal. On the other hand, they put prop lamp posts in Piazza San Marco, presumably for historical accuracy.


  5. MaryK

    Thanks Yvonne – I’ve ordered Italian for Beginners on DVD…… we Aussies unfortunately can’t buy it from the app store (USA customers only) which is a real pest. But the anticipation will make it all the more enjoyable!


  6. Michelle

    One of my favorite movies…a real “chick flick” is Secret Affair. Lots of nice Venice shots. Although a friend did mention that in one scene the vaporetto seems to be going backwards.
    Summertime (be sure to rent it and watch the extras about filming in Venice), Bread and Tulips and of course Dangerous Beauty.
    i agree with the suggestion that the true Venetophile watches movies and wants the actors to get out of the way so we can see Venice.


  7. Love this post – so many interesting tidbits!!!


  8. Yvonne thanks so much for the fun trip to Venezia today!!
    I just added “Italian for Beginners” to my Netflix list.
    I also think it’s time to rewatch “Bread and Tulips”.

    Sounds like a ‘Girls & Martinis’ night


  9. Andrew

    I loved The Tourist but mainly for Angelina’s walk through Venice. So many geographical inaccuracies but excused by Angelina’s rear view. Sorry, Y.


    • Rob C

      Like the Danielli Hotel that just happens to be ext to the Rialto Market? Or the Airport that’s opposite Guidecca?

      Was I the only one being shushed in the Cinema?


    • Michelle

      That rear view of Angelina…with the dress with the bow….with the police watching….Paris, not Venice.
      I still sighed throughout the movie just seeing my beloved (Venice, not Johnny) even if they got it wrong….a lot. Didn’t get shushed at the multiplex at 11am screening.


    • Well, I’ll retain my opinion of that movie. Angelina rear and front, bleh! Sorry, A!! 🙂


      • Other Yvonne

        Tourist was a HUGE disappointment to me also. No disrespect Andrew, she can wiggle those hips all she wants, but the mo..no..tone delivery was more than I could stand!! “Italian for beginners” is a new one to me, goodie. Look forward to trying Perduto, looks very entertaining. Love the shop…so many places, so little time.


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