By popular demand: more knockers!

Please forgive me if I’ve shown any of these before, it’s difficult to keep track of my knockers some days!

I take my job seriously

I live on Murano

“I’d like to see you hold this heavy ring, day after day, and try to smile.”



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29 responses to “By popular demand: more knockers!

  1. I was in France a couple of weeks ago, on vacation, (2 hour flight from my local airport), wandering down a backstreet of pretty French cottages, when I spied a door-knocker that looked interesting. I was just lifting my camera when somebody came out of the door. For some reason I just felt guilty and sloped away. Had it been in the UK I may have made some light conversation and taken the picture, but I don’t speak French and I suspect that to lady who emerged a wild-eyed Englishman pointing to her door and mumbling about ‘knockers’ would have had her calling for the Gendarmerie straight away!

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    • With your final sentence, you have earned a place in the Bad Crowd! What an honour, eh?

      Two comments from me: I am totally jealous of “2 hours from France”, (and thus the same sort of flight to Italy), and what a shame you hadn’t captured that door-knocker before the lady came out.


      • I’ve always wanted to be a Bad Boy but never managed ’til now!
        As to , I’ve missed the Milan flight today, next one would be on Friday at 12:45 my time and cost me about $112. I think the flight is about two and a half hours. If I delayed until Aug 8th I could get a flight for $52.


      • Look, my heart is absolutely bleeding for you. Please hop on one of those flights and post some photos of Venice. Thank you, Bad Boy.


  2. Sono D. Chicago

    Your knockers seem to lack a certain perkiness factor, but I guess that’s to be expected considering how old they are.

    The more important question may be: how do they respond to a sudden chill? Or a good oiling?

    Hey, if this is the knockers’ swan-song, I thought I should add my two, um, cents. I shall eagerly anticipate the discussion of knobs.


  3. Hi, Shell! how are things down south?


  4. *Guffaw!* I’m leaving well alone.


  5. Melissa

    Even if we have seen them before, Yvonne, we don’t mind getting another peek at those seriously lovely knockers of yours! 😉

    What about some knobs now? 😉


  6. Andrew

    It’s all been said. Good collection though.


  7. Other Yvonne



  8. Other Yvonne

    Knickers, Knockers….it doesn’t take much to bring us out of the woodwork.
    And what mighty Knockers they are too!! Fine examples of good sturdy Knockers you can really get ahold of. Sorry but…Rob wouldn’t say it!! 😉


  9. Rob C

    And, just this time I’m not going to say a word………. 🙂


  10. Michelle

    Just can’t help thinking of the movie “Young Frankenstein”…Gene Wilder looks at the door and says “Nice knockers” and dear Madelaine Khan looks down at her chest and says “Oh, thank you”.
    Again…really nice knockers…I’ll be on the lookout for more in about 127 days.


  11. I like them. Wish we had them here, but now it’s all doorbells.


  12. It must be nice to know your knockers are in such demand Yvonne. 🙂

    Susie Q, card carrying member of the Bad Crowd

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  13. You have some great knockers Yvonne!!!!


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