Lions in Venice

You will see many, many examples of the Venetian lion in Venice. A friend wisely said “Collecting them is like collecting ants at a picnic.”

They range from majestic to simple, many showing the ravages of time. Here is one that falls into this latter category.




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13 responses to “Lions in Venice

  1. Thank you, Annie, for fascinating information. How privileged we are to gaze at such ancient pieces of history.


  2. From one of my books:

    “The capitals at the top of the two jambs are zoomorphical corner stones (a lion and a griffin) dating from the 10th or 11th century, moved here in the 14th century, and recently cleaned and restored).”


  3. “Collecting them is like collecting ants at a picnic” ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!


  4. Well, I hope you find him and give him some attention in the future, Susie Q. 🙂


  5. I love that lion! I just want to stroke him and say “there, there now, that wound in your side will heal in no time”.

    Thanks for the directions Bert!


  6. Bert

    If you take the signposted route from the Scalzi bridge to the Rialto via Santa Croce and San Polo, you will pass San Simeon Grande and enter Lista Vechia dei Bari. The first street on the left, marked by a triangular feature over the entrance, is Corte Pisani, the lions’ den. I believe that the shield bears the coat-of-arms of the Pisani family. Be sure to look at the other side of the triangle.


  7. Jo

    Poor chap – he certainly does look ravaged! Which is the corte by the way – I would like to see him close up!


  8. This fellow looks like he has a colostomy! Wouldn’t we give a heap to know his history.


  9. Bert

    This corte must boast the highest lion density in Venice – two on each jamb and one on each of the two shields above the lintel. Worth noting that they are not the winged lions of St Mark – quite a rarity in Venice.


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