Today, a little puzzle

Do you know where you might see this, in Venice?

The answer will be in my next post.



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40 responses to “Today, a little puzzle

  1. Nice one Yvonne! I thought of Palazzo Lezze in Cannaregio or a place in front of Archie’s rooms between rio terĂ  San Leonardo and Strada Nova but I don’t know… I’ll be curious to see the answer!


    • Bert told me about the one near Archie’s rooms, I had never seen that one, despite being in that area many, many times, AnnaLivia. And now, I have to look for Palazzo Lezze next time, also.


  2. Brian

    I’m here for a week and a half. I’m leaving the 12th of July. This past weekend I kind of “hit the wall’- a bit tired and sick and need to recharge my batteries by just resting. That happens every couple to few weeks- I’ve been going, going, going. I’m meeting people at an artist residency this afternoon about opportunities for the future.


  3. Brian

    A guess, anyway…


  4. Brian

    This is the counterpart to the one in my video on the building right next to the market side of the Ponte Rialto, isn’t it?


  5. Caroline

    No idea! The pose reminds me a bit of the Whore of Kilpeck, though less pronounced – and with what appear to be angel’s wings, so presumably not a fertility symbol?


  6. Sig. Nonloso

    Isn’t there an old movie from the early ’30s called “She’s No Angel”? May have been inspired by this? Have no clue where it is, though.


  7. Melissa

    C’mon Yvonne, tell us NOW!!! You even have Bert stumped!


  8. Bert

    You have to remember that I’m in a different time zone. I’ve only just got up. I too thought it might be the one on the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi (only for a moment, as it’s really not the same – this lady is not so ‘hot’ as that one ;-)). Another ‘lover of venice’ posted a very similar question a year or so ago. But the one on Rio TerĂ  San Leonardo at the junction with Rio TerĂ  del Cristo is also different. So, I have to admit defeat. I don’t know where it is. I’ll take a stab in the dark, though, and wonder if it’s on Palazzo Zen, perhaps.


  9. Andrew

    Rude but ‘armless.


  10. Melissa

    That’s not how a lady sits!!!!!!


  11. Michelle

    hmmm, maybe my next year’s Venice calendar (after my trip later this year) can be Venetian Public Porn. Hmmm, now there’s a title. I’m sure it’s out there….we just have to find it.


  12. Jo

    I think that I have seen this on a building at the base of the Rialto steps – San Polo side! There is certainly another even more interesting relief just there! First building at the base of the steps.


    • Hi, Jo. I thought I had replied to you, but it seems I haven’t … sorry. This one is remarkably like the one you have seen, along with her mate. They really are ‘interesting’, aren’t they! But, this one is not in San Polo.


  13. Not a very modest creature, eh?

    Oh Bert, where are you?


  14. Love her…can’t wait to hear location. Now if we could only talk to the sculptor….ahhh if only!


  15. Michelle

    I did also think it was a ‘bit rude” Jan. But then many things were “a bit rude” in Venice around the time that was probably carved.


  16. Barb

    Oh my! Certainly is interesting, isn’t it?


  17. jan Graham

    Looks a bit rude Yvonne , good job its weather beaten


  18. Michelle

    Where is Bert when we need him?


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