Motto for today

Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused!” (Unknown Author)

An installation at the 2011 Art Biennale, Arsenale



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10 responses to “Motto for today

  1. Caroline

    Oh, I think I remember this – laughter on an endless loop making it very insistent & quite disturbing ?

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  2. So the motto for today is, “Brush your teeth!”?…………


  3. C’mon, Prodigal, listen, I can hear the chuckles now.

    And, who am I to disagree with your second statement? (Jokes?? I never knew you did them, Sono.)


  4. Sono D. Chicago

    That’s not laughing, that’s smiling–or maybe just ordering a gelato for all we know…

    Nonetheless, your point is well-taken–after all, someone has to laugh at my jokes, it may as well be me!


  5. I laugh at myself often. Very often.


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