On the drawing board

The Hotel Chiara in Venice is conveniently located near the Piazzale Roma, so would be handy for anyone arriving by car or bus. It is also an easy walk from the train station, with only the Calatrava (Constitution) Bridge to negotiate.

Now, rest assured this is not an advertisement for the hotel, but I do bring tidings of planned changes to this place of accommodation.

A few months ago, I had posted some photos of the back of the hotel, here is one of them:

A Facebook friend who is part of an enthusiastic cultural group “Venice for Friends”Β Β Β http://nuke.veniceforfriends.it/ has just posted several informative articles (and photos), on the Facebook site (Venice 4 All Friends), and he kindly gave me permission to use one of the images to show the proposed extensions to this hotel. Thank you Hermann!

Extensions to Hotel Chiara. Photo courtesy of Hermann Ceriello, Venice 4 All Friends.

To help you get your bearings, that is the Constitution Bridge to the left of the proposed extension, with the Rio Nuovo on the right of the existing hotel.

Well, let’s see how long it takes private industry to bring this to fruition! All bets will be accepted, I get to hold the money.



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22 responses to “On the drawing board

  1. Caroline

    By a weird coincidence, I was commenting to Phil on both the Santa Chiara hotel & the Palazzo Stern this very day, while passing them on the vaporetto! With the former I was wondering about the hoarding concealing (I assume) current building work, painted with scenes depicting various hotel staff – many as Charlie Chaplin, for some reason! I speculated they’s maybe got an art student to do it – it’s a bit different, anyway. And the Palazzo Stern I mentioned as somewhere I always think looks ideal, if you want to stay on the Grand Canal – lovely building, canalside terrace & right next to both vaporetto & traghetto stops in an area I like. (I find the Piazzale Roma area quite depressing anyway so can’t get too concerned about development there.)


    • I was looking at the Palazzo Stern website, after Daniel’s glowing testimony, and it looks a wonderful place to stay. Like you, I always admire the exterior while cruising past. The Piazzale area is a rude awakening after being in the rest of Venice, with no buses, taxis, etc.


  2. Nothing in it after a few minutes!!!
    And fruit. I forgot the fruit!


  3. I’m not familiar with the project, but I know that the owner of the Hotel Santa Chiara also owns Palazzo Stern. I’ve been there twice and I can say without a doubt that I never got better service than at Palazzo Stern, and that includes some hard to beat places such as Pensione Accademia. The way they run the hotel makes you feel right at home from the moment you step in. For my second stay, there was a thank you note and a prosecco bottle waiting for me in my room, just because I was a returning patron.
    I’m sure that they will make the extension of the Santa Chiara another great place for visitors. Like Yvonne, I’m running an add for the Santa Chiara or the Stern.


    • Hi, Daniel. Your testimonial brings some hope that the extensions WILL be done with sensitivity. I’ll have a good look next time I’m lucky enough to be in Venice. (Hmm, maybe I’ll forward your comments to the Palazzo Stern, who knows what would be waiting on your next stay?)

      Hold on … the only left a prosecco bottle, nothing in it!? πŸ™‚

      Oh, I just recalled, the nice lady at the desk allowed me to go into their courtyard to take photos of the piere sbusa on the wall facing the Grand canal.


  4. There you go again Carissima, with your attempt at wife swapping. πŸ˜‰

    I really need to meet Phil and Caroline next time Mark and I are in Venice!


  5. The extension looks blah at best. Not quite as offensive as the Bauer’s modern addition (which was plunked down in the city’s historic center), but it’s the sort of thing you might expect to see built in Mestre.


  6. You have to imagine sarcastic font here, Sono: of course it will be done with sensitivity and regard for the existing structure and its history! A horrible thought just struck me. What if they decide to ‘improve’ that back side facing the Rio Nuovo?


  7. Sono D. Chicago

    Oh man, I know I’m normally a sarcastic sob here (it’s good for you, it builds character to be around sarcastic sob’s). But in all sincerity, the back of the hotel looks far more beautiful (and Venetian) now than it seems it will look with the proposed extensions.

    Progress marches on….


  8. Michelle

    And you will be keeping that money in a seperate interest bearing account? Correct? Sort of like a refundable damage deposit on an apartment?


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