Parking lot with a difference: take 2!!

[My apologies, I was alerted that the links to the blog site didn’t work, so here is the edited version. Thanks, Ali.]

You know the feeling. You’re already late for an appointment, and you’ve been driving around the block for ages, looking for a place to park. When you spot one, you find it is reserved for residents of that block.

In Venice, people use their canals as we use our streets, and they are seeking a mooring spot, rather than a parking spot. In his excellent blog, Sig Nonloso explains the increasing difficulty of people with boats to reserve an ormeggi (mooring place).

I had never given a thought to this increasingly difficult aspect of living in Venice, I just admired the boats.

Parallel parking
Angle parking


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13 responses to “Parking lot with a difference: take 2!!

  1. Sig. Nonloso

    But that being said, applied and lengthy lurking is always called for in Venice.


    • Hey, Siggie, I’ll sleep soundly tonight, not having to ponder the answer to that particular question! Too bleedin’ obvious for me. [Now, if the answer is 42, what in heck is the question?]


  2. Sig. Nonloso

    Now that I have stopped blushing as a result of your very kind comment, I just wanted to say that I’d never noticed diagonal boat parking before. Again, I am utterly dependent upon you, Y, to notice things I must be obliviously walking right past!


    • You’ve probably got an active 4 year old peppering you with questions and distracting you during your outings, Sig. You can help me solve the puzzle of how some boats are moored beside solid walls, on the far side of the canal. I could never figure out how in heck they got from their boats to the fondamenta, and vice versa. This may call for applied and lengthy lurking.


      • Sig. Nonloso

        I was also puzzled–and Jen and Sandro used to devise elaborate routes to such boats, involving impossible wall-scaling and such. But recently I saw something that made me realize how simple the answer is (but of course only AFTER I saw this!): someone taking a small inflatable rubber raft to their otherwise impossible-to-reach boat.


  3. How frustrating it would be to want to buy a boat but have nowhere to moor it!

    I enjoyed Signore Nonloso’s posts on the subject!


  4. I always think going to the hospital in Venice is a most dramatic event, but I guess that is so for any ambulance ride, Bert. And, that sure was on one of my Giudecca prowls. What a variety of boats!


  5. Bert

    #1 That’s an ambulance in the distance.
    #2 Giudecca. You could ask my pal, Ada.


  6. Michelle

    I guess I always thought they were inherited and never thought about how “new” people would park their boats.


  7. The things we take for granted, eh?


  8. Hum, not something I would have thought of either.


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