A view from on high

A friend was staying in a hotel near the Ca’ d’Oro, and it possessed a lofty altana. Although the weather was brisk, to say the least, we climbed up the stairs to look at the rooftops, traffic on the Grand canal, and the chimneys.

A neighbouring altana

It was nice to see the chimneys from this angle

We were able to look down on this one, and catch a glimpse of the Grand canal, as well.



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20 responses to “A view from on high

  1. Caroline

    Hi Yvonne – thank you for keeping on keeping on!

    I have finally had to admit it’s been Too Hot (30-32 for about a week and a half & often very humid). We don’t have AC or even a fan at present, but thought we’d give it a go to see if we really needed to buy a portable one or other. It was hard to sleep at first (still 27-29 at night) but we may have been getting better at it – especially once we risked leaving the balcony door open & discovered the plug-in-bottle-of-noxious-chemicals did still keep the mozzies at bay. But less humid & a more manageable 27-28 the last couple of days. I imagine it would be harder to cope if we were working, especially full-time.


    • Gosh, if it’s this hot now, what is this summer going to be like? I’m glad the noxious chemicals killed le zanzare … pesky little brutes. I have to check now, to see if you folks got to the art night happenings.


  2. Hello, Danielle. How good for you to see your ‘home’ in Venice from this angle. 🙂


  3. Quelle vue magnifique, j’aperçois juste derrière la cheminée la Ca’Favretto où je demeure lorsque je suis à Venise !
    à bientôt Yvonne


  4. Michelle

    In just five months I’ll be there!!!!


  5. Rob C

    The canal glistening in the sun, Damm, now I’m craving a ‘hit’ of Venice 😦

    Roll on December.



  6. julie

    Great memories from Foscari Palace Yvonne ! Looks a gorgeous day with the canal glistening in the sun .. who would believe it was soooo cold !

    Sorry been awol for a bit xxxx


  7. I should just send you my folder of them, Linda, to do with what you want.


  8. My favorite…..Venetian chimney’s…..YES!


  9. Other Yvonne

    You’ve been squirrelling a few goodies away!! Love the crooked chimneys and a nice view of the inner workings. Great Perspective :o)


  10. Well, nothing like the rooftops of Dismal Swamp, Darlene!


  11. Nice. Sort of like the roof tops of Paris.


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