More reasons to look up

“Lift up your eyes, look round”   James Montgomery


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13 responses to “More reasons to look up

  1. John

    Is it true that those little arches between buildings indicate a marriage between the families from each?


  2. Bert

    And the second photo is taken from Calle Larga looking north towards Campo Santa Marina.


  3. Bert

    I can’t claim the same eidetic memory as Barb, but the first photo is in Ramo Primo dei Padovani, with a sign for Hotel Lux on the corner, looking out onto Calle de le Rasse.


  4. Hi, Prodigal! Yes, now you know my little secret, I’ve never been to Venice in my life!

    È un po freddo in Milano? Give Stormy extra water today, please. 🙂


  5. Sono D. Chicago

    Wow, some parts of Herberton look exactly like Venice!


  6. Barb

    I love it when I look at your photos and think “I know exactly where that is.” It takes me on an immediate flashback trip to Venezia. Thank you.


  7. I hope your camera takes good close ups, too! And, no need to remind you, just walk and look; I sometimes deliberately left the camera at home to be sure to do that.


  8. Michelle

    Lovely details. And if you don’t look up you miss the delightful chimney pots. I’m looking forward to the variety of architectural details I’ll be able to get with my new camera.


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