Old mooring post

I wonder how many boats this old post has kept safe through storms, high tide, low tide …


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10 responses to “Old mooring post

  1. Bert

    If I told you it was at the end of Calle del Forno, that wouldn’t be much help in finding it again, as there are over half a dozen streets of that name. Nor would saying that the palace opposite is (probably) the Palazzo Soranzo, as there are at least half a dozen palaces with that name. But there is only one Rio di San Stin.


  2. Other Yvonne

    I thought the same thing, almost like a scupture from Easter Island in the making!!


  3. A whole lot, by the looks of it.


  4. Your powers of observation never cease to amaze me!


  5. Barb

    It’s not only been useful all these many years, it could now be a lovely piece of sculpture!


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