La Chiesa San Patrick!

The Catholic church of Saint Patrick in Herberton, was built in 1889. Mass was in progress when I stopped to take some photos, I’ll have to go back to see if I can have a look at the interior.

The Campanile! Manual operation, I’d say.

The Campanile has a tall neighbour.

A simple, but well maintained chiesa

I like the wooden lace work

Nice bright colours were chosen for the paint and the windows



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8 responses to “La Chiesa San Patrick!

  1. Caroline

    “The campanile” – LOL!

    Btw do you know that wonderful word ‘campanilismo’? I only came across it earlier this year and the description I read then made it sound like a positive thing – pride in your local area – so I was quite keen to adopt it! But I’ve now found my mini-dictionary translates it as parochialism, which is obviously not so good. What do you think?


    • Caroline, I shan’t tell the Herbertonians that you laughed at the name I gave their bell tower!

      I reckon if you use ” campanilismo” in the right company, and hide the dictionaries, you’d get away with it. I like that word, also.


  2. Yesterday I went to Saint Anthony Church in Padua for the Feast of the Sanit: nothing could be more different from this church!!!


    • Oh, what a contrast, Daniela! I want to go back and see if I can get in when there is no mass, but a lot of our churches are firmly closed most times! Ciao, bella.


  3. And, it’s in a pretty setting, also. They were singing hymns to a guitar accompaniment, while I took the photos … nice!


  4. Barb

    I love everything about it! A bit different than those we explore in Venice 🙂


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