Herberton was once a centre for tin mining in the Atherton tablelands. The discovery of tin led to the development of other tableland towns, such as Atherton and Mareeba, which were stopover points for the Cobb & Co coaches.

I walked under the former railway bridge and discovered some children and their parents taking advantage of the dammed water of a small stream, for a bit of fun. Although it is winter, the air and water were warm.

They were having a lot of fun!

This would be flowing a lot faster in the wet season.



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6 responses to “Herberton

  1. Al

    Kids and water…inseparable! Looks like a great spot.


  2. I’m enjoying this “giro” of the tablelands Yvonne.


  3. This is my dad’s hometown, Yvonne! {You probably remember that…} I was only little when we visited. That old railway track is marvellous. Thanks for the glimpses into Herberton life, bella. Seems very far removed from Venice… yet perhaps they are related by seasonal water excesses!


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