1981 Harley-Davidson

While walking along the main street of Herberton, I saw this beautifully restored motorbike. The owner, who was doing some work inside his shop, came out and told me a bit of its history. He bought it second hand, in the late 1980’s, and has just recently completed the labour of love known as ‘restoration’. No wonder he’s so proud of it! 

Restored 1981 Harley-Davidson

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14 responses to “1981 Harley-Davidson

  1. PhilJ

    Oh that is lovely! I have very happy memories of a motorcycling holiday in Australia on a Harley Davidson, back in my single days. That great, long ride along the Putty Road, hardly seeing another soul. We hadn’t realised this can be a bit risky as there’s no guarantee the petrol station halfway along will be open (as we found out when we arrived in Singleton and a chap on an old Moto Guzzi asked us if ‘there was any petrol up on the Putty today’)!


  2. Other Yvonne

    Thanks for the trip down my memory lane. It started with dirt bikes with my cousin as kids. Then Hubby had a KZ1300 Kawasaki (800lb monster) when we met, then we finished up with a Cherry Red 1984 Softail Harley. Jim’s Indian sounds wonderful Michelle, our guys had a labour of love with bikes in common. A this Herberton Harley is a beauty Yvonne. Love his Web(b) theme.


    • Hello, Other Yvonne. It is always a special treat to see old vehicles of any kind, so lovingly restored and still being used. Do you have photos of the Softail? The road to Herberton is a motor bike riders delight, lots of twists and turns.


      • Other Yvonne

        We did have some old Kodak moments, until one of our 10 moves a photo album was damaged in the process. Still have some old shots of the Kawi though. Ahhh those were the days 🙂 Daryl would love to wear the outside edges of my jeans off on that road by the sounds of it!


      • If you ever get up this way, maybe you can rent a motorbike of some sort, and lean through those curves, then!


  3. Michelle

    My Jim would have loved that bike. He bought an Indian (speaking of that movie) and restored it during our marriage. He would have loved that movie too.


    • Hi, Michelle. It was truly a beautiful machine, and your Jim would have been eager for a test drive, I’ll bet.


      • Michelle

        He would have indeed. Anywhere we went if he saw someone tinkering with an engine of any kind he had to lend a helping hand. It didn’t matter if it was a motorcycle, a truck, a plane…he loved them. And we had a wonderful adventure in Yorkshire in the UK when he stopped at an airport and found a guy building the same plane he was…got taken home for lunch…and they had known James Herriott (All Creatures Great and Small) when he was just their local vet and his daughter Rosie was their GP! So something for me too…as we were on our “James Herriott’s Yorkshire tour…just for me.
        He passes in 1990….too soon for that movie. I love Anthony Hopkins and the movie is really good..yes, add it to your list.


      • Thank you for sharing those memories, Michelle.


  4. Irina

    That reminds me of “The World’s fastest Indian”, a movie with Antony Hopkins based on the New Zealander Burt Munro’s story… the man has spent his life in making his motorbike go faster and faster. An excellent movie.


  5. Rob C

    Is his ‘nickname’ Spider by any chance?

    After all aren’t all Aussie Men with the surname of Webb cursed with this nicknmame from Primary School?


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