Sunday drive

It was a typically wonderful winter’s day in the Atherton Tablelands, perfect for a drive in the hills, towards the town of Herberton.

I was amused by this sign that I glimpsed to one side of the road. It’s one that should be obeyed, I think!

There used to be a rail-line here, but it has been abandoned for quite some time.

This means YOU!!



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18 responses to “Sunday drive

  1. I love abandoned rail lines. As I boy I used to hike along them for hours at a time.


  2. Caroline


    We didn’t see the actual tornado but we stuck it out sitting on the altana until the wind seemed to be reaching possibly dangerous levels! From the quick glance I’ve given it so far, today’s ‘La Nuova’ has lots of pictures of damage on the Lido and Sant’Erasmo but thankfully nobody seems to have been hurt.

    And I’ve just been driven in again by yet another thunderstorm ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Have to say, we weren’t really expecting such extreme weather and geological events! Although we did once see a ‘twister’ coming across Lake Garda at us (the only one either of us has ever seen).


  3. Caroline

    Even though it’s winter, the trees still seem to be in leaf: are these naturally evergreen trees (they don’t look like the evergreens I know) or is it warm enough for them to keep their leaves all the year round anyway? What sort of temperature is it now?


    • Ciao, Caroline. Most of our native trees hang onto their leaves. A lot of those you see in the photos would be eucalypts of one kind or another. I have a White Cedar tree in my back yard, it sheds its leaves (messily) this time of year.

      Up here, winter is pretty mild. Night time temperatures would rarely get below 5C, daytime average would be in the 20s. Down south, it would be a different story!


      • Caroline

        How interesting – and how lovely! Better than a Scottish summer then ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Maybe down south, where it’s much colder, and there are even snow fields, might match your Scottish summers! Did you folks see any of the tornado? Those lovely pines on Sant’ Elena took a bashing, I hear, and San’ Erasmo, also. Thank goodness no one was injured.


  4. Next time, I’ll just leap over the sign and see what’s on the other side, Susie.


  5. Hmmm, stop signs are red. What makes me think that you may be tempted not to heed them? Especially since there is no danger of traffic and there is a possibility of beautiful vistas ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hey, Sono, every voyage should have a destination ….


  7. Sono D. Chicago

    … to a stop sign.


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