Not everyone may agree



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18 responses to “Not everyone may agree

  1. Michelle

    I’m in the agree camp. And sometimes even that stuff they brew at work that I won’t touch smells heavenly. But I refuse to taste it….dishwater at best.
    Starbucks isn’t all bad when you are desperate. A local cafe had a bumper sticker that said “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks”. Ah, if I can’t be in Venice then Cafe Rosella on a Friday summer night under the stars with live music and a double tall hazelnut latte….that could almost be heaven…


  2. Rob C

    Nah, I’m a tea fan, but is this in Oz?

    Aussie Rules Coffee (especially the Flat White) is taking over the UK now.

    Apparently a flat White has the pefect mix of coffe and ‘micro-foamed’ hot milk and once sampled you can’t go back to Starbucks brown soup 🙂


    • Hi, Rob. Yes, this is in sunny downtown Atherton, at the Gallery Five ( I prefer to call it Galleria Cinque) coffee shop. Their macchiato is not bad, but not perfect! And, a person pays the equivalent of 4 euro for the same size as we’d pay 1 euro for, in so-called expensive Venice.

      Oh, Starbucks (I always want to put ‘Daddy” in front of that), and their gigantic serves of brown soup. Once tasted, never forgotten.


  3. MaryK

    Another for the “of course that’s true” camp.


    • Hi, Mary. We seem to be in the lead, for now.

      Has your weather moderated?


      • MaryK

        Yes….. fortunately the wind’s dropped – so the rain is just coming down rather than being driven horizontally. My windows however, have their delightful ‘opaque’ effect with a serious crusting of salt. A little job for this weekend methinks.


      • Brr, it all sounds very brisk, Mary. And, sure as heck, if you clean those windows, the next day will bring more of that etching effect.


  4. Al

    Never a truer word spoken (in any language or in any country)!


  5. Jo

    And especially when consumed in my favourite pasticceria in Venice – then it is paradise!!


  6. Sono D. Chicago

    I don’t get it. Is it a brain-teaser? A pun (ground heaven?) A biblical quote?
    Or maybe a punctuation test…

    I prefer the posts with pretty pictures. They’re less confusing.


    • Dear former FS.

      There’s one in every crowd! I’ll look for some pretty pictures for next time, OK? Your day is off to a poor start, I hope it gets better. 🙂


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