A problem, and one solution

It seemed as though the owner of this building, in Brisbane, had suffered from attacks of graffiti. His solution, provide a blackboard to cover the areas previously scribbled upon, and some chalk. To date, the wall hasn’t been attacked again.

Some of the offerings

My favourite




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11 responses to “A problem, and one solution

  1. Joanne Hoefer

    Great Idea I think I will give it a shot on the back of my building. this town has a law that the building tenants\owners have to remove it within 48 hours and its a royal pain. My back door\wall are always getting painted


    • Man, that’s a tough by-law, Joanne. And, how unfair to punish the innocent victim! Please let us know if you do it, and whether it was a success. You may start a great trend in your town.


  2. Michelle

    In cat years I’m dead too!
    Indeed a fabulous solution.


  3. Wonderful!! Great solution…..


  4. Melissa

    Good thinking! I like “Bring me a Casserole” and “Individualitis”!!


  5. Barb

    Now that is one smart solution and how amazing that it actually works!
    My favorite was the “PAIGEE RULEZ”. The one in our family does, too 🙂


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