Corte dei Preti, Castello

When I first saw the word preti, I thought it might mean pretty. But, it is another example of ‘false friends’ when translating from Italian to English. It means priests, in fact.

In any case, this little corner of the corte is indeed pretty, as well as a touch eccentric. I did loiter for awhile, hoping the one of the owners would come out. No luck!

Corte dei Preti

Poor Santa!



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22 responses to “Corte dei Preti, Castello

  1. Bert

    A picture is hung, but Santa was hanged, innit.


  2. Anna

    La befana rules!!!!


  3. Melissa

    Translates to Artist and Master Carpenter?? Perhaps.


  4. Very cute. Why do you suppose they hung Santa?


  5. Melissa

    You have great eyes Bert, I couldn’t enlarge it to see. But, you are correct, I can make out those letters now you have pointed them out! Have gone to Google more info if I can!


    • Bert

      Melissa, my eyes are not that good. Left-click on Yvonne’s photo, which gets it on its own. Then hold the Ctrl key down and hit and the +/= key. Each time you hit the +/= key the photo enlarges, up to eight hits. To ‘reverse’, hold the Ctrl key down and hit the _/- key.


      • Melissa

        Thanks for the tip, Bert! πŸ™‚ I’m not real flash with computers, I leave that to my 14 year old son.

        When I scroll in I read, “Pinocchio” at the very top of the door. Underneath I read, “Artista Mastro Marangon”. I think!!


      • There, I go away for a couple of days, and you take good care of yourselves, and each other!

        I promise to look very closely when I’m next in Venice.


  6. Bert

    Melissa, it looks like ‘Artista … Tho. Marangon’ to me. ‘Marangon’ means carpenter. That could be the name of the artist [T(h)omasso Marangon] or his occupation.


  7. Poor Santa indeed! Oh the indignity…


  8. Melissa

    How gorgeous,so very pretty! What does the sign on the door say?



    I visited this corte in 2008 and it’s fun to compare my photos with yours. He’s changed the shrine and found himself a much larger Santa Claus! Someone left a comment on my blog about the owner and his large collection of Pinocchio’s. I’d love to meet him too. πŸ™‚


  10. Bert

    This is one of four corti of the same name in Castello. There are six more in the rest of Venice. This could be confusing, and perhaps why they use the numbers alone for the postal addresses. I helped several lost souls to find their hotels when they thought they would find, for example, Cannaregio 5590A on a street called Cannaregio.


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