Not the kitchen window this time

I was rather glad this little bee was on the other side of the window. But, isn’t he a nice one?

The music of the busy bee
Is drowsy, and it comforts me;
But, ah! ’tis quite another thing,
When that same bee concludes to sting!
The Bee by Andrew Downing



Filed under Atherton, Australia

7 responses to “Not the kitchen window this time

  1. Amazing photo! I am so sorry not to have commented on it earlier, oops!


    • It’s a good thing I spend lots of time idling at my windows, Susie! My whole yard is planted with native shrubs and trees to attract those wonders of nature.


  2. They are such amazing creatures. Where would we be as a species without their industriousness? I love to plant things to attract bees, butterflies and don’t even get me started on my birds!


  3. Not cute at all – don’t like bugs of any kind. Do like honey, though.


  4. Michelle

    He is indeed. Yes, I’d be glad he was on the outside.
    Isn’t it amazing what our cameras will do?


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