In memory of Lino

Many of us did not have the pleasure of meeting this gentleman, who obviously gave a warm and friendly welcome to those who visited the Cantine del Vino già Schiavi in Dorsoduro (subject of the previous blog post). Thanks to Susie, and her husband Mark Lindsay, we now know what we have missed. What a wonderful smile he had!

Mark is a professional photographer, and he has kindly shared his photo of Lino. You might like to visit his excellent blog

Photo of Lino, courtesy of Mark Lindsay. Thank you, Mark.



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12 responses to “In memory of Lino

  1. I met this gentleman…


  2. Yvonne — I visit regularly but don’t always comment. Have to say though how sad I am to hear this news. He was a lovely man—and almost always had that smile on his face.


    • Hello, Alexa. It is obvious that Lino won the affection and respect of so many people, just by being himself.

      (I do enjoy your site; you tell interesting stories with your photos!)


  3. Yvonne, Mark is going to have some explaining to do about his other wife Caroline! Lol!

    Lovely post.


  4. PhilJ

    Ah, I hadn’t realised he’d passed away. We’d seen less of him in recent years, as if he’d stepped back a bit from active bar duty, but he was usually there pottering around in the shop. A shame. He was a nice man.


  5. Barb

    What a wonderful photo of Lino! He will always be missed by his loyal customers who made Cantinone gia Schiavi their own special place to go for a refreshing glass of prosecco, a bite of good food, and definitely a warm smile. For us, while there may be many other wine bars in Venice, there is only one gia Schiavi!


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