The sacred and the profane?

Reflected in this shop window is the Chiesa San Trovaso in Dorsoduro.

Great idea for Christmas decorations. Save those corks!

But, I had neglected to take a photo of the outside of this shop. Now, thanks to Fausto who graciously allowed me to use one from his blog  I can reveal which shop it was. Next time, I’m going in, especially after reading what Fausto had to say about it.   .

Thank you, Fausto


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27 responses to “The sacred and the profane?

  1. i tried to give this 5 stars but it stuck on 4, you deserve 5!


  2. Caroline

    Mm, this is my favourite place for a quick lunch too! But it still can’t make me like baccala mantecato, although I do like their ‘baccala capuccino’. We started going there to buy bottles of Prosecco to take back to our room, wen we used to stay at La Calcina. I’ve somehow evidently managed to miss the fact they sell vino sfuso! We’ve nearly always bought that at the shop which used to be on calle de l’Avogaria & is now in the campo dei Carmini. I’m sure Il Bottegon’s is superior, though! (tho possibly not quite as cheap 🙂 )

    I wonder if that’s an annual Christmas decoration? I’ll look forward to checking!

    What sad news about the father, though – I didn’t know, although we’d commented on the fact we hadn’t seen him yet this year. Last year or maybe the year before, it was evident that the sons had taken over & dad was supposed to be retired, but he was still always there keeping himself busy in the background. I didn’t get to know him like some of your other correspondents but always thought he had a lovely kind face.


  3. Yvonne, if we are in Venice at the same time again, you can bet we will be dragging you to Gia Schiavi. Then we will torture you by showing you photos of the incomparable Lino.

    Their vino sfuso is good as well. Upon our first day in Venice without a suitable empty container, Lino could always manage to marry some partially empty bottles together, etc. so we wouldn’t go home empty handed.


  4. Oh, vino! For sure you have to go in.


  5. Other Yvonne

    Can add our names to the list. Susie, it was very sad news about Lino, nice you have such good memories. I agree with Barb it is the best for tonno and much more, we have had. I wasn’t hungry when I arrived here!! You will love it Yvonne.


  6. I know well this place, Italian Language Department was next to it when I studied at University, and I have lunch there more or less every day, sometimes with a glass of wine (but not a good idea to study in the afternoon!).
    Their specialities are cicchetti with baccalà mantecato, maybe the best baccalà mantecato in the world after the one that my beloved and fantastic cook and husband Paolo makes for me… :))

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  7. Wonderful reflections! Right place, right time – gotta love it. And thanks for sharing the link about the Kapoor exhibiti at the Biennale.


    • Hi, Annie. It’s those unplanned happenings that seem to yield true gold, eh? I loved that Kapoor sculpture on your blog. (For anyone else reading this, go to the Churches in Venice link on my blogroll, if you don’t already follow Annie’s excellent blog.)


  8. Barb

    Another regular customer of Gia Schiavi here. Our photos are not nearly as classy or artistic as yours, Yvonne. Ours all include someone with a glass of wine or a plate of cicchetti in their hand. Be sure and put it on your list of places to go during the next trip. I’ll join you for a prosecco or vino rosso. We think the cicchetti with tonno is the best in Venice!

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  9. irina

    Me and my husband we both love this place. We try to go whenever we’re in in the mood for some prosecco and “cicchetti”.
    Still a good place DESPITE being so popular now.

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  10. Yvonne, Gia Schiavi has been our home away from home for many years. This past December was very sad for us as Lino, the patriarch, had passed away. Lino had the most adorable smile.

    Lino could sell a footless person shoes. If you wanted one bottle of Schiopetto or a Jermann perhaps, he would sell you five. Plus, you would walk away with a panettone from Tonolo or a bag of Buranelli. And you would do it with a smile. I adored him.

    One of his sons was kind enough to show us many photos and articles about Lino this past January. We shared with them a wonderful photo of
    Lino with his adorable, impish and wonderful smile.

    Thank you for your wonderful post. I must admit to some teariness now!


    • Well, what a lovely tale you have shared with us, Susie. I’m so sorry I never met Lino, he sounds like quite the fellow. Has he instilled the salesmanship in the next generation, do you think?


      • His children and wife are much more reserved than Lino. But they are all very nice and knowledgeable about the wines in their shop. I can’t imagine them blowing me kisses the way Lino always did 😦


  11. The reflection of San Trovaso superimposed to the stars and the tree made of corks creates a very festive image. It would be great for a Christmas poster. It makes me smile.


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