Quiet places



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15 responses to “Quiet places

  1. Yes, he is in Venice. He promised to take a photo of the 13 varieties of spritz menu at Profundo Rosso. I believe he is conducting exhaustive spritz research!


  2. We need Bert to pinpoint these locations for us.


  3. Andrew

    Any of these would make a great ‘cover’ on your FB page. Lovely pics – you can feel the silence,


    • Hah! Good thinking, numero uno! What a good idea. How are you, Andrew?

      I went and chose another image. It was taken across from the previous tobacco factory in Santa Croce,


  4. Sono D. Chicago

    Thanks! More support for my frequent rebuttals to the comment “But Venice is just crawling with tourists everywhere!”


  5. Michelle

    I agree…even an evening ride on the vaporetto gives views of chandaliers and dreams of joining the party.
    I love these quiet corners of Venice away from the day trippers and other “tourists”….I’m not one of those, am I?


    • I don’t think you’ve ever been a ‘day-tripper’ in Venice, Michelle.

      Get to the Ca’ Rezzonico if you have time, to see inside a grand palazzo, as well as some stupendous art work.


      • Michelle

        Actually was inside of one on my first trip…twice. I went to two perfomances of Musica a Palazzo and it was indeed like a private party when Violetta (of La Traviatta) welcomed her guests by handing flutes of prosecco to several audience members. Really if you ever get the chance it is worth the 50 euros or whatever they charge now. Lovely music and you go from room to room for different performances.
        But since I’ll have more “time” this time I do plan on trying to actually walk into a museum….maybe even buy the pass.


      • Yes, to my happy surprise, I used the Museum pass a lot, and wouldn’t hesitate to get another one, next time.


  6. Pictures like this always make me want to see what’s inside. When I was in Venice we were taking an evening ride on a gondola and we could see beautiful chandeliers on the upper levels – that really made me itiching for an invite to see the inside of the homes.


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