Time, humidity, salt


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8 responses to “Time, humidity, salt

  1. Sono D. Chicago

    As opposed to the Dismal Swamp, where the trifecta of decay is Heat, Humidity, Moss?

    I hope you weren’t waiting around for guys in khaki shorts to come by and strip (the peeling paint, that is).


    • Buon giorno, FS. Well, it was awfully cold in Venice, as you may recall, so the thought of fellows in shorts didn’t cross my tiny mind. Hmm, maybe I should break down and go back in their summer ….


  2. It must be extremely difficult and expensive to maintain property in Venice.


  3. Barb

    Interesting to see all the many layers. You have to wonder how many years are showing.


  4. Actually looks kinda cool, but I wouldn’t want it in my house.


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