Campo San Luca

Campo San Luca is a small square in the sestiere of San Marco. the cross-point of various calle that come from several different directions, including the Accademia, San Marco, and Rialto. I lost count of the number of times I either hurried or dawdled across the square. The very first day I crossed it, I was enchanted with the artistry of this doorway, and the carvings above it.

You’ll find restaurants, pizzerias, and bars here, and a recent addition, an L&M Women’s clothing store in this campo that many Venetians believe is the very heart of the city.



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8 responses to “Campo San Luca

  1. Michelle

    I’m a sucker for those boats…actually had a sail on one in Hawaii years ago…you sure get wet when it is practically on it’s side. I’ll have a gander when it’s daylight. No longer get the sports channels thanks to down sizing my cable so won’t be able to watch the race….oh, wait…internet…duh.


  2. I was always so drawn to the image of the Madonna that I never noticed the door. Unforgivable since I’ve crossed that campo hundreds of time. An eye on one side of the door and a heart(?) on the other? The observation about the Fortuny fabric is right on. I wonder how much this image influenced him.


    • It’s so typical of Venice, Daniel. There is so darn much to attract our attention, we sometimes overlook the vision right in front of us. I’ve just added a link to a webcam in the Arsenale, there for the duration of the America’s Cup. (Thank you MaryK.)


  3. The lower part of Mary’s gown looks as if it were made out of that beautiful silk Fortuny fabric.


  4. Michelle

    Oh, I do love that door. I’ll have to get my own picture of it.


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