Ex-Chiesa Sant’ Anna: an update

A while back, I posted some photos of the ex-church Sant’Anna, and its cloister.  ( https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/santanna-castello/ ) The doors of the church were chained shut, I could just get an eye to the crack to have a tantalising  peek at the gloomy interior.

Chiesa Sant'Anna


But, wonder of wonders, our intrepid reporter from deep within that dangerous area of Castello, Sig. Nonloso, found the door a tiny bit ajar, and you can read all about it here, on his blog:  http://veneziablog.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/peek-inside-ex-chiesa-di-sant-anna.html

Thank you, Siggie!



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6 responses to “Ex-Chiesa Sant’ Anna: an update

  1. I remember your original post about this church well. Thanks for posting the link to Steven’s blog, such a haunting photo. And Annie’s blog post was fascinating.


  2. Other Yvonne

    What an interesting but sad history. It would be shear agony to be locked away in Venice. Elena was indeed brave to speak out against the church.
    Shame the buildings are wasting away, somewhat like the lives stolen from those poor women.
    Guess life not all cute legs and tight butts heh??


    • Aren’t they amazing, the past histories of so many places like Sant’ Anna? That Elena was surely a brave young woman! I wonder how we would have coped, thrown into her situation?

      The blog sites Sig. Nonloso has given links to (as well as his own), are excellent sources of thoughtful information.


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