Kerry’s roof: the story continues

Kerry has finished the long, tedious job of blasting the old paint and mold from my neighbour’s roof. [See: ]

The next episode is now unfolding, with another bloke up there, applying leaf guards to the gutters.

At first, it looked like he wasn’t wearing any safety gear, but now I can see he has some kind of rope arrangement, somewhat like mountain climbers use.

It’s all happening here in sunny, downtown Atherton! Straight from my kitchen window to you, folks. 

This afternoon, Mystery Man was joined by a second worker.

They’re using power screw drivers … I wish I had one in my tool kit.



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15 responses to “Kerry’s roof: the story continues

  1. Other Yvonne

    Casanova ….you get all the good stuff :-/


    • The webcam will be subscriber based. Just send your credit card details! Can you receive emails?? Nice of DH to fix the printer, anyhow! 🙂


      • Other Yvonne

        Count me as your first subscriber, details to follow. All systems go, DH found task bar, but say to tell you the printer manual still looks like latin to him.


  2. Other Yvonne

    Those legs look like they go allll the way up to something worthy of Canova’s time ;-))


  3. Melissa

    Those pictures made my legs go all funny!


  4. Hummm, so you’re a leg girl, eh?


  5. Barb

    I am thinking that the squirrels, deer, and chipmunks that I see out my kitchen window are not nearly as “interesting” to look at as your two blokes 🙂 .


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