Laundry days



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9 responses to “Laundry days

  1. I look at your photos with red sheets and I think how it was cold when you where here in January, the coldest days I remember! Now I’m so happy spring has arrived


  2. Melissa

    Brrrrrrrrr, Yvonne, I have just put the electric blankets on our beds yesterday. I can only imagine how cold it must have been in Venice!!

    Hey, you won’t believe it, I got bananas today for 59c per kilo! Such a drastic drop in price following the cyclones we have experienced over the last couple of years.

    I distinctly remember they got to $16.99 per kilo……….Monkeys were turning to prostitution.


    • Hi, Melissa. Luckily, my apartment was very snug, and I had flannelette PJs with me. It sure was cold for awhile, though.

      Crumbs, we grow the darn things up here, and bananas were still $2.95/kg yesterday. I haven’t seen any of those monkeys, though …


  3. Michelle

    And that should have been “flannel” and indeed they were toasty on my first night in this apartment in January when I couldn’t get the heat adjusted.


  4. Michelle

    Ah, those red sheets on that foggy day!


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