Full moon, 6am, Monday

I got up really early, just for you folks, and saw the full moon as it was beginning to fade in the sunrise. (The music is by Philip Glass)




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13 responses to “Full moon, 6am, Monday

  1. Lynda

    Thank you for sharing this – clouds were covering the moon at 11:30 pm when the moon was supposed to at its closest point in this part of the world.


  2. I like Philip Glass, very much! There are lots of really good photos of that full moon around the place, for sure.


  3. Michelle

    I love Phillip Glass! Thank you. I missed it here….I just don’t have that sweeping view at my new place where I could traipse out on my deck in my jammies….just can’t do that here…too public. But I’m enjoying everyone elses pictures of that lovely moon.


  4. Joanne Hoefer

    It was lovely and at my place Central California it looked as though you could reach out and touch it. Due to sick horse I was in an out of barn a couple of times that night at I didn’t even have to turn on the barn lights it was so bright. I love living in the boondocks because you can see all the stars, the milky way etc at full power not dimmed by excess lights


    • I hope your horse is getting better, Joanne. Somehow I don’t think Luigi is going to be able to entice you to share his books, cats and life in the bright lights of Venice! 😉


  5. Ahhhhh!!
    It’s been too overcast here in northern New Jersey…..haven’t seen the moon in days…..sigh!


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