The eye of the beholder

This is not easy to understand
For you that come from a distant land
Where all the colours are low in pitch –  The Colours of Light~Dorothea Mackellar

Yes, I’m back again!



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36 responses to “The eye of the beholder

  1. kattibella

    Ahhhh, Burano. Love the quotation that precedes your pic!


  2. Caroline

    Welcome back Yvonne! A bit grey & rainy here in Venice too, so far today; but I still went out for a walk in a short-sleeved t shirt so a big improvement on Edinburgh, just for the weather as well as all the other beautiful aspects of Venice!


    • Hi, Caroline. It's nice to hear from you! How is school going, are you able to get enough practice in your day to day life?


      • Caroline

        Realised I never replied, sorry. School is… intense. Practising speaking is a problem, though – I don’t get to speak to anyone much outside of school, just a bit when I go shopping etc. I need to think of something, especially for when we finish our course. Listening isn’t so bad, as we try to go to at least one lecture a week and I’m hoping suddenly I’ll click over from understanding words & phrases to whole sentences!


      • I think the conversational part must be the most difficult to nail. You’ll have to find someone who will be your talking buddy a few hours a week! Maybe even via Skype??


  3. Aha! The Prodigal FS returns, to lower the tone of this post by many, many degrees. I can always count on you, can’t I? I think the next line ends in ‘skritch”.

    How is the 3-legged, pole dancing, stripper horse doing? Poor, poor Stormy.


  4. Sono D. Chicago

    Does the fourth line of that poem end with the word “bitch”?
    As a verb or a noun?

    Oh, wait–is this poem specifically about Australia? “Ditch” then, maybe. Itch? Kitsch?


    I’m pretty sure I prefer Les Murray.


  5. Lou

    Welcome back Yvonne! Pleased you can still type and click. Love your photos – as always.


  6. The colors are stunning – not something we’re used to growing up on the cold Canadian prairies.


    • No, that’s for sure. And lots of places in Canada could do with the jaunty colours we see in places like Mexico, Burano and elsewhere in the world.


  7. Yvonne, so happy you are back! Gray and damp morning here as well.


  8. Rob C

    I’m looking out my office window now, I’ve got a nice view up the Thames with the latest intrusion ‘The Shard’ growing everyday, BUT it’s all grey & overcast and definitely NOT Venice 😦

    Let’s hope those 6 special numbers come up tomorrow 🙂



    • Melissa

      Hey Rob, I’m hearing you! I actually need those 6 special numbers to come up for me in Gold Lotto here in Queensland, Australia to pay for all the lotto entries I have put in over the last 20 odd years -and odd years they were lol!!


    • So many whiny people today, Rob! 🙂 Funny how we can take grey days, foggy days, rainy days, etc. days in Venice, and not moan!

      I hope your 6 numbers come up, also, my very, very best friend in the whole world.


    • Michelle

      No, he wrote it for me…all my friends said so when it was popular and playing on the radio….those may years ago. Never believed then that I would live in “Rain City, USA”…where it is gray and gloomy today too.
      Thanks for the pic of one of my favorite places!


  9. Perfect timing…I just got back too!!
    (Hope all is well…?)
    It rained the entire time I was in Florida and is raining here in NJ too…I LOVE IT!!


  10. Barb

    Gloomy and rainy here in my neck-of-the-woods so your photo was a lovely, cheerful way to start my day. Glad you are back!


  11. Melissa

    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!!


  12. Bert

    You should take more water with it, Yvonne! 🙂
    That street – Calle de la Comun Seconda – is behind the cathedral of San Martino. And behind you, when you took the photo was the church of Santa Matia delle Grazie, known as Le Cappuccine.


  13. Your new school surely reflects this love of colour, Daniela. It will be such an inviting learning environment.
    (To learn more about Daniela and her Italian language school “for curious and brilliant adult foreigners”, do have a look at her website: I have her listed as Joyfull, on my blogroll.)


  14. Looking at this picture I think that maybe – if I love so much colours – that’s because of the place where I was born and live..


  15. Good, I’ve got to keep these customers satisfied, it seems, Jo. Have a nice, although damp, day.


  16. Jo

    Welcome back! What a glorious photo to wake up to on a grey, damp day!!!


  17. Andrew

    Welcome back. Did you just pop over to Burano to take this lovely photo?


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